China Suárez imposes a trend with a translucent swimsuit

China Suarez He is currently traveling in New York with his mother. From there, she has surprised with different looks. The ex of Benjamín Vicuña arrived in the Big Apple invited by a soda brand to participate in the launch of a new product that they did together with Rosalía.

In New York, the China he visited the Empire State, the Summit, the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center. One of the most controversial looks that she used was a large coat and an animal print hat. As she clarified in one of her publications, it was synthetic leather but that detail was not enough to point her out and accuse her of being a “hypocrite”. “Synthetic but you are wearing a leopard top. That is called influencing” and “Synthetic but still encourages wearing animal skin” were some of the criticisms she received.

This February 14, the China He made a publication for his partner, the singer Rusherking. “I wasn’t going to post on Valentine’s Day…” the actress began writing, before giving the romantic reasons why she changed her mind: “…but, I looked for you so much that I’m not going to miss any opportunity To remind you what you mean to me.”

The controversial look of China Suárez. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

Without giving details of what Rusherking did, the former “Casi Ángeles” expressed: “Today once again you showed me what you are made of, your values, you are pure love.” “I love you Thomas” the singer concluded her publication of instagramwhich his partner responded with a lot of love: “I love you very much, my love, thank you for making me so happy, you are the most beautiful thing that exists and I am happy to have you by my side.”

China Suárez in a translucent swimsuit. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the image, the China posed in front of the mirror wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with translucent details. Rusherking appeared from the side of her giving her a kiss on the cheek. The publication exceeded 350,000 likes and 1,350 comments. “How did you do Santiago explain to me”, “Tre mendo how you stole rusher” and “I SAY EVERY DAY, HOW RICH THE CHINA EATS AND HOW RICH THE RUSHER EATS” were some of them.