China Suárez imposes a trend with ‘body chain’, the accessory that will be all the rage this season

China Suarez, at 31 years old, is already used to rumors about her life and not paying too much attention to them. This is how she recently confessed it in the interview that she gave to the Argentine influencer Gregorio Rosello in her space ‘Ferné con Grego’, the program that she hosts on Luzu TV, the online TV streaming service.

Over there the China He confessed the first time his heart was broken: “(It was) when he was twenty-something. It was very hard, he was very jealous, and he told me ‘I love you but I can’t with your personality’. He had fallen in love with my freedom, my independence. And I’m talking about how I am, not about the freedom to be with 20 people at the same time. I remember that I knelt down. I saw myself. It was very hard. Like the desperation of saying ‘what am I doing kneeling down, telling him please not to leave me ‘”.

As for the criticism and the memes they make of her, the China revealed, “It depends on what they’re messing with, it depends on where I’m at in my life. And usually, my friends and family don’t usually forward anything to me.” However, she said that she has had friends like that, and who is the only person who never did: “It happened to me a lot and I was anxious, and the one who was always there to open my eyes was my friend Agus” .

In the last few hours, the former ‘Casi Ángeles’ shared on her Twitter account instagram and from TikTok the last look she wore at Montevideo Fashion Week. For 25 editions Moweek has been the great showcase of Uruguayan fashion: it makes the local industry known and connects brands with their public. It is an indispensable tool for business growth.

The China She wore a total black look, combined with a ‘body chain’, the vintage accessory that highlights the outfit. These chains to decorate the garments were born in the ’70s and had their moment of glory in the 2000s. In 2023, they are stomping again on street style and the catwalks of the most prominent brands.