China Suárez raised the temperature in a tight latex bodysuit

China Suarez is living a true love story with his partner, the singer Rusherking. Although many of her fans didn’t believe in the romance as soon as it started, over time they have begun to realize that they really are in love and that they are meant for each other.

A few days ago, the former “Casi Ángeles” shared a story of instagram where he dedicated some nice words to her. “I will never, never stop thanking life for having met you. I didn’t realize how broken I was until you hugged me. Thank you for the love you give me, to me and to the most important thing that I have, which are my children. I love you,” she wrote.

For some netizens, it was a kind of hint to Benjamin Vicuna, for specifying “how broken it was”. However, that story ended a long time ago and has been cut short. For his part, the national actor has recently been linked to the Argentine model Pía Slapka. The panelist for Socios del Espectáculo, Luli Fernández, assured that the sporadic meeting “was a crush”; although she defended herself: “She has to check the information she throws away.”

The altar of Blanca Vicuña. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

This March 8, International Women’s Day, Vicuña has published a story with the altar she has of her daughter Blanca and has dedicated the song ‘Niña bonita’ by Dstance. It is that every day 8 marks a new anniversary of her death. The China He has not mentioned it. A few hours ago, he published an image that left his followers speechless.

China uárez in a latex bodysuit. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

The actress posed on a chocolate-colored quilted sofa wearing a tight latex bodysuit that marked her figure. The publication of instagram It quickly surpassed 127,000 likes and 750 comments. “Igualita a wanda” commented a fan ironically. “Now Wanda is going to appear in a photo like this” and “What irresponsibility of Disney in letting the princesses escape” were some of the messages from his followers.