China Suárez shook the net in a sporting group

China Suárez has always said that she does not care what they say about her and that “she will only give explanations to her children.” Is that the actress supports a lot of negative comments from some haters on social networks, as well as some “inventions” from show journalists, of which she has come out to complain.

Recently, a follower left him a derogatory comment, which the China shared on his Instagram stories. “The one who makes herself different, bad, free and a slave to her extreme narcissism, the navel of the world” was the message the actress received. Without showing the name or profile photo, he shared the person’s profile, which in his biography said: “I do not know, I do not judge.”

Next, and ironically, the China He published two memes: that of Tom Cruise laughing and another of the character of Soraya Montenegro in the soap opera María la del barrio, with a laugh and the phrase: “What a laugh it gives me, how funny you are.”

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the last hours, the China shared two photos of his sports capsule in suggestive poses. The actress wore a top and leggings in fuchsia and black sneakers. “Let’s move the coolo” he wrote next to a heart emoji. The Instagram publication exceeded 60 thousand likes and 250 comments.

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

“Give him that we are also waiting for what comes with @ rtfit.official”, “You are the most precious woman than Goddess” and “In love with this entire collection” were some of the messages that the former “Almost Angels” received on Instagram.