China Suárez teaches what is the ideal manicure for busy moms

Model, actress and singer Maria Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez The 30-year-old is one of the most followed figures in the region and everything he does becomes news. The ex of Benjamín Vicuña accumulates more than six million followers from all corners of the world on Instagram who closely follow his steps.

The china suarez She shares her best poses and looks for them, as she has become a benchmark for fashion and trends due to her good taste and style of clothing. The actress also lets you see photos of her with her three children on the camera’s social network, previews of her work and some of her daily life.

Recently the china suarez She shared a postcard in front of the mirror in which she poses with a practical and elegant manicure that allows her to look splendid while taking care of homework with her children. The model published a photo from home in which she wears a T-shirt tied at the waist, black shorts with white elastic and a cap.

China Suarez’s manicure. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

The photo of the china suarez That immediately went viral seems to have been taken from the bathroom of her house when she was very relaxed since she does not have her hair combed and she does not have makeup. But the model never loses her style and that is why she wore this black manicure that is easy, elegant and combines with all looks.

Chinese Suarez. Source: Terra archive

The manicure It takes more and more prominence in the lives of women since it became part of the outfit. Sometimes it steals all the looks and in others it is just a complement as in the case of the china suarez who has little time to go to the beauty salon.