China Suárez: the beauty treatment that the actress popularized and everyone wants to try

The actress Maria Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez The 30-year-old is one of the most popular women in the region and as a consequence one of the most followed on social networks, where she accumulates more than six million followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements.

The china suarez She is the owner of a unique beauty and a worked figure as a result of her constancy with food and physical exercise, the good news is that the actress does not reserve the secrets of makeup and skincare and reveals them every time she can for her fans. In the net.

Undoubtedly the favorite treatment of the china suarez it’s the eyelash lift and this makes her look really impressive. The truth is that this process lengthens the eyelashes naturally and there is also the option of placing a tint to highlight the make-up and the mascara that is used.

China Suárez and her favorite beauty treatment. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

The best of this treatment that chooses the china suarez It is that natural and no external element is applied to the eyes. The result is long, dense eyelashes without extensions. The average time that must be spent in the beauty center is 45 minutes and the duration varies between 6 and 8 weeks.

China Suárez and her favorite beauty treatment. Source: instagram @sangrejaponesa

This treatment popularized by the china suarez It does not require maintenance, although professionals recommend the application of some type of oil, such as coconut oil, to moisturize the eyelashes. The actress was shown during a flight applying this type of serum to look even more beautiful.