China Suárez was inspired by Dua Lipa and fell in love with everyone

China Suarez It has been in the news this weekend for being part of a controversy, which he decided to go out to clarify on his networks. In the Argentine program ‘Intruders’, the conduct Marcela Tauro invited the 74-year-old businessman, Guillermo Coppola. The idea was for the guest to tell endless anecdotes about him, many of them with Diego Maradona, but he ended up telling a “little rumor”, as he described it.

Coppola assured that the famous Argentine actress is in a relationship with a 60-year-old man after the break with Rusherking. “It’s a little rumor” she clarified, but confirmed that “the China He exchanged youth for experience. The ex of Benjamín Vicuña was not happy with that and she decided to call the businessman and face the rumors. She thus made it known in her networks.

“Leave people alone. I called the gentleman who supposedly told me that he was with a new boyfriend, once again putting the woman in a place that they love to put. He told me that she knows absolutely nothing about my life and that he followed the topic so as not to make anyone look bad. Happy Labor Day, except for those who hide behind their “work” to screw up the lives of others,” said the actress in her stories of instagram.

China Suárez in a catsuit. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

“When is the day going to end that way of talking about the lives of others? With that lightness, tell a lie, install it, and let it stay there, in the air, ”he added in another postcard. The China He decided to make a third publication to make the rumors clear: “They tell me that it is not understood. On a television show, a guest supposedly confirmed that I was dating a 6-year-old man. I’m not going to name him, but I called him on the phone, because that’s how I handle myself, and I asked him why he assured things about my life without knowing me. And his response was: ‘I didn’t say anything about you because I don’t know anything, I did it to follow the driver’s car so she wouldn’t feel bad.’ Is that understood?

China Suárez in a catsuit. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In the last few hours the China He published a photograph on the camera network where he is seen wearing a tight black catsuit, where the skin is visible in parts. Without a doubt this is one of the most iconic look that she has used Dua Lipa in his concerts, he has even used it in red and blue as well. The two fashion beauties know how to highlight their figures and this garment is ideal for it.