China Suárez will speak exclusively of the scandal with Mauro Icardi: when and where to see it

China Suárez has already announced on its social networks when the exclusive interview with Alejandro Fantino will be. Yanina Latorre had already anticipated something in Los Angeles de la Mañana: “I think Fantino must have asked him something (About Wandagate). He is a very good journalist. You have to see how she gets around it. lies. The note will be seen soon, we will have a preview. It is for Star Plus “.

Own China announced this Thursday the date and time of the long-awaited note. “Thank you @starplusla for inviting me to inaugurate this new series of Star + Specials, In First Person. I wait for you this Monday (November 29) at 9:30 pm ”wrote the actress next to an image of her in black and white.

In addition, he posted a video of the same style on his Instagram stories. “I invite you to get to know me without intermediaries, to see me and listen to me in the first person,” she is heard saying. Let us remember that it had been transcended that the China He would speak after the interview that Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi did with Susana Giménez.

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

The actress did not clarify if she will talk about the Wandagate but, as the LAM panelist anticipated, it is very likely that Fantino will investigate that topic. “Be picooooooo”, “Do not let you win chinaaaaa haha” and “You already know that she said that she only owes explanations to her children! And it’s perfect! ” were some of the comments that Suarez received in the networks.

Source: Instagram @fantinofantino

Alejandro Fantino also promoted the note with the China on their social networks. “Interviewing is opening doors. It is knowing. It is traveling without moving. It is talking to history. It is knowing more about many people. It is the gender that makes us human. Because? Because without language there would be no culture and without culture there would be no humanity (…) This cycle #enprimerapersona by @starplusla seeks that, to open up to talk and go through lives. This first “trip” was with @sangrejaponesa, whom I thank for his gesture of affection when he sat down with me to talk! ” it was part of the extensive text that the conductor wrote.