China Suárez’s heartfelt message to Benjamín Vicuña on his 45th birthday

On November 29, Benjamín Vicuña celebrated his 45th birthday, and among the greetings received, the one from the China Suarez, mother of two of his children. Through Instagram, she shared an emotional story, thanking him for giving her “two of the three loves of my life.” The photo showed Suárez with Magnolia and Amancio, one on each arm, symbolizing family unity despite the couple’s separation.

Benjamin Vicuña, known for his artistic sensitivity and poetic style, also expressed himself on this special date. In an Instagram post accompanied by a selfie, he reflected on his life, comparing it to a movie. He talked about his excesses, the sad music, and the repetitive texts, but highlighted the pride he feels in humanity and the heart of the “movie” of his life.

Benjamín Vicuña’s publication for his birthday | Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

The Chilean actor mentioned important characters who have flown away, antagonists who have become secondary, and forgotten extras, in a metaphor for the people who have passed through his life. Benjamin Vicuña He acknowledged having enjoyed more time in romantic scenes and less in comedy, wishing for more happiness and less seriousness in his life.

China Suárez’s heartfelt message to Benjamín Vicuña on his 45th birthday | Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

In addition to the greeting of the China Suarez, Vicuña thanked God, whom he considers “an excellent screenwriter”, for helping him go through each stage of his life with strength and love. He described himself as moving towards a worthy and free man, seeking to be better than yesterday. The actor highlighted the value of his family, friends and children, who are the most important thing in his “movie” which, according to him, is far from having an end.

The publication of Vicuna He received thousands of ‘likes’ and supportive comments, demonstrating the love and admiration that his followers and loved ones feel for him. This exchange on social networks between Vicuña and Suárez underlines the maturity and mutual respect they maintain for the well-being of their children, despite having ended their romantic relationship.