China, the inventor of MUA, the app to send kisses from a distance: “Now I’m taking it to Italy”

A Chinese start-up inspired by the isolation of the lockdown has invented the remote kissing machine that transmits kissing data of users collected through motion sensors hidden in the silicon lips, which move simultaneously when they reproduce the kisses received. Tired of the lockdown that kept him away from his girlfriend, Zhao Jianbo had the idea of ​​inventing a device to send and receive kisses from a distance. His invention is called MUA – the sound that is made when a kiss is blown – and it works like this: the lovers have to download an app and attach the kiss-sending machine with fake silicone lips to the mobile phone, to the USB port it is usually used to recharge the battery. The MUA also captures and reproduces sound and warms up slightly during kissing, making the experience more authentic, said Beijing-based Siweifushe. “Now I want to bring it all over the world, including to you in Italy,” he said. told Republic, Zhao Jianbo.

Launched in late January, it costs 260 yuan

“It also captures and reproduces sound and warms up slightly during the kiss, making the experience more authentic,” Zhao says. The 31-year-old graduated with a thesis on the lack of physical intimacy during video calls. The closures due to Covid imposed by China in recent years have played a fundamental role in his invention. But he is quick to point out that this is only part of the reason: “I want my country to be the cradle of such a gadget which I am sure will become popular all over the world”. The first MUA prototype was launched at the end of January for the modest sum of 260 yuan, 37 euros. “Within two weeks we sold 1,500. Then the orders reached 8,000. We aim to reach 300,000 sales this year. Within a few months it will be available in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. I am already in contact with Italian distributors”.

A device for hugs is in the pipeline

Zhao has other projects in mind. “We will launch a series of products to promote intimacy at a distance. A device for hugs and one for calls thanks to which users, by touching a special button on their smartphone, will be able to hear the heartbeat of their lovers. They are products still in the research phase and we plan to launch them on the market within a couple of months”.