China-USA, Biden-Xi online summit: “Let’s avoid conflicts”. But there are tensions over Taiwan

Some tensions remain between China and the US, after the expected virtual summit between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. The desire to thaw immediately emerged, in a face-to-face meeting that lasted about three hours and with “frank and frank” tones, as reported both in Washington and in Beijing. But differences remain on Taiwan. Biden warned the Chinese president against unilateral actions that change the status quo and undermine peace and stability in the region. Xi’s response was harsh, reiterating the sacredness of the ‘one China’ principle: “Seeking Taiwan independence means playing with fire,” he said. And again: “If the red line is crossed, we will have to take decisive measures”.

Beijing’s demands

A clear message from China. Even when the Chinese president said he hopes that Biden will fully demonstrate his leadership and “push US policy towards China to return to a rational and pragmatic track”, respecting “the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence. and a win-win cooperation for both sides “.

Xi: “Ready to work for the development of relationships”

“Not only in front of our peoples but in front of the whole world we have the responsibility of managing the competition between our two countries with responsibility”, is instead the appeal launched by Biden, who also underlined: “We must avoid a conflict”. The words of the American president were immediately picked up by Xi, who said he was ready to work for the development of relations between the United States and China but underlining how this is possible only in mutual respect.

Biden’s concerns

Biden, however, said he was very concerned about what the US considers a violation of human rights in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. Then he called on Beijing to respect the rules on the economic and commercial front, speaking of “unfair practices” that damage American companies and workers.

The common land between the two countries

However, there are grounds on which to work for a common front: Biden and Xi have identified in the fight against climate change and in the field of energy the two areas in which to start a fruitful cooperation and try to open a new era in relations. between the two countries.