China, USA: “Our diplomats had frank and constructive talks in Beijing”

Discussed bilateral issues, underlined the importance of keeping channels of communication open

The United States has assured that senior officials of the State Department and the National Security Council of the White House have had “candid and constructive talks” with Chinese counterparts in Beijing. This was stated by State Department spokesman Vedant Patel, explaining that these talks are part “of ongoing efforts to keep lines of communication open and take advantage of recent high-level diplomatic contacts between our two countries”.

The undersecretary of state, with responsibility for Asian and Pacific affairs, Daniel Kritenbrink, and Sarah Beran, head of the China and Taiwan office of the National Security Council, have arrived in Beijing. Patel specified that bilateral issues were discussed, including climate change, the problem of fentanyl, the question of human rights and American citizens detained in China. He also touched on the Taiwan issue and stressed the importance of keeping communication channels open.

US diplomats met Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu and Director General of the North America and Oceans Department Yang Tao.