China, wearing a kimono and having her photograph taken: arrested

She is accused of “causing quarrels and riots”

A Chinese woman was stopped by police and detained for hours on charges of “causing fights and riots” wearing a Japanese kimono to be photographed while walking around the street in Suzhou city. The woman explained that she is a cosplayer, that is, that she wore the costume and a wig for fun to identify with a popular character from the manga series shōnen Summer Time Rendering. While she and the photographer were busy making the shots, she was approached by a police officer, as evidenced by a video posted on social media.

In the video, the woman is seen justifying herself with the agent who, however, denies her not wearing the traditional Chinese Hanfu dress: “If I had come wearing Hanfu I would not say this. But you are wearing a kimono, as a Chinese. You are a Chinese woman. ! Or not?”. At this point the woman asks why she is being scolded and screamed, and the agent explains that she is suspected “of causing fights and disorders”, she accuses her generically reserved for dissidents, journalists and activists. The video ends after the woman is taken away.

The young woman reported that she was on a street famous for its Japanese restaurants when the agent approached her. She then she was taken to the police station, interrogated for about five hours, until one in the morning. Her phone was checked and her kimono was confiscated. She was also told not to report the incident online, where the video was instead seen by tens of millions of people and sparked heated discussions on social media.