China “willing to mediate between Israel and Palestine”

The announcement by Beijing’s foreign minister during telephone talks with counterparts from the two countries

There China is willing to mediate between Israelis and Palestinians to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. This was announced by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, during two telephone conversations with his Israeli and Palestinian counterparts, Eli Cohen and Riad al Maliki respectively. During the talks, reports the Xinhua agency, Qin asked his interlocutors to “show political courage and resume peace talks” and assured his country’s willingness to mediate.

“We believe that the key to solving the Israeli-Palestinian problem lies in upholding the concept of common security. China does not pursue self-interest and only hopes that Israel and Palestine can coexist peacefully and ensure regional peace and stability,” the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement.

Cohen – reports ‘The Times of Israel – he thanked China for its availability, although during the conversation he underlined that Israel considers the “danger it sees in Iran’s nuclear program, a fear shared by several countries in the region, including those that have diplomatic relations with Iran”.

Al Maliki he thanked Beijing for its diplomatic support in various international forums, reports the Palestinian agency Wafa, emphasizing his “support for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.