China’s population has dropped for the second year in a row

Another decline in the Chinese population, also in 2023, for the second year in a row. The reasons can be traced back to the return of Covid-19 and economic difficulties. According to data released by the National Statistics Office, the population stood at 1.409 billion people, with a decrease of over two million units compared to the end of 2022, the year of the first decline since the ‘Great Leap Forward’ of the beginning of the 60s wanted by Mao Zedong, at the basis of the ‘great famine’.

India is the most populous in the world

After ceding the scepter of the world’s most populous nation to India last year, China continued to experience accelerated population decline, as deaths surged after Beijing ended tough anti-pandemic restrictions in December 2022 and births continued to decline. This represents 11.1 million deaths, a number higher than the 10.41 million of the previous year, according to data from the National Statistics Office. The rise is likely due to the increase in Covid-related deaths in the months following the abandonment of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy by Chinese authorities which led to an unprecedented explosion of infections on a national scale.