Choc in Gb, dogs mutilated to follow trends on social media and sold at staggering figures

Dogs mutilated from puppies to follow a widespread trend on social media. It happens in Great Britain where, as revealed by a BBC survey, breeders offer to cut off part of the dogs’ ears for aesthetic reasons. This is a procedure deemed illegal by the Animal Welfare Act in force in the UK, but farmers who practice these mutilations are prepared to offer illegal passports for pets by suggesting that the operation was carried out overseas. An undercover BBC reporter received an offer to purchase a dog with mutilated ears for 13,000 pounds, complete with a passport and microchip. “If they ask you questions, you say you bought it like this from an Irishman who came from Europe and that’s all you know,” farmer Moheiz Adam told the BBC reporter. On social media, Adam himself called it “a pity” that mutilation was considered illegal as it gave the dogs a “surprising look”.

This type of mutilation “has no justification” and could create health or behavioral problems for dogs, Dogs Trust’s Paula Boyden told BBC. “Some animals develop infections or don’t like people touching their ears,” he said. “We’ve also encountered behavioral problems because dogs communicate with their ears and without it they might have a hard time doing it with their owners or other dogs.” Daniella Dos Santos, former president of the British Veterinary Association (Bva), said she was “devastated” by the outcome of the investigation. “Ear cropping is an illegal mutilation that is performed for no other reason than for aesthetic reasons,” he told the BBC, noting that “there are no health benefits to these dogs.”

Another breeder, Joshua Harty of Cardiff, told an undercover BBC reporter that he too could perform the mutilation, provide a passport and a pet microchip. “To get the ears, the passport and the chip it normally takes around 500 pounds – he said – I took the dogs to exhibitions in Ireland, Spain and of course I had to cross borders. With these passports I have never had any problems.” Dos Santos said what Harty was suggesting was “all completely illegal, ear cropping, fake passports, all of this is a shady system. Again, they view animals as commodities and money-making machines rather than beings. living “.

Puppies mutilated and seized from an illegal breeder in Cardiff have been taken into care by the dog rescue charity Hop. Activist Vanessa Waddon said she feared the purchase request for these dogs was being driven by social media influencers posting pictures of dogs with cropped ears. He cited footballer Marcus Rashford, Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Love Island’s Jack Fincham. “Whenever celebrities post something online, people inevitably think ‘oh that dog looks cute, maybe I’ll get one like that,'” she said. “While celebrities may have legally imported the dogs, there are people illegally breeding them in the UK to meet demand,” he added. In this regard, the British government is examining a bill to ban the importation of dogs with cropped ears and puppies under the age of six months.