Chriss brings strength to insecurities in More Nothing

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Hi I’m Christian Pistocchi, but call me Chriss, I’m a songwriter and

I love art in all its forms. To tell the truth I was born as a vocalist, I have always loved music since I was a child. At 16, a bit for fun, I started working as a vocalist in a disco and at the same time I started taking singing lessons, having an audience in front of me has always given me so many emotions and the most important thing was that I enjoyed doing my job. What differentiated me from the others was that, during the evenings, in addition to blowing “the track” I also sang the songs that the DJ played and people really liked this. Why not start producing and singing something of my own? This is how it all started! After so many ups and downs, vicissitudes and dramas, I managed to find an exceptional team that believes in me and above all in my project. In 2021 I released my first songs, ′′ Unstable chemistry “, ′′ Something new ′′ and ′′ Guilt ′′ which exceeded 117.000 streams on Spotify.

Today I am happy to present you my latest single More Nothinga project

which I had in the pipeline for almost a year now. He was born in a difficult period for everyone

where the future was a big question mark, where dreams hung, me and the

my producer (Alberto Pecchio) we tried to force ourselves and transform those

insecurities in a text that could be shared with as many people as possible for

make sure they no longer feel alone. We have represented these sensations through a love story with an already written destiny, a sick love that leads two people to no longer share the same heartbeat. The video clip was shot as if it were a “spoken” short film through dance with the aim of giving another point of view to the song and ensuring that each of us can create our own story. My choice not to appear in the video is intended not to distract the viewer from

what is happening and let him concentrate and empathize

in the evolution of history.

I quickly introduce you to my team starting with Matteo Passini, he directed the entire video clip with me, choreographing it flawlessly; Diletta Profili exceptional from every point of view, she danced with Matteo Passini in a fantastic way. Mattia Azzarelli, my right shoulder, filmed with me and took care of all the editing. Exactly me, another passion of mine that I manage to integrate into my projects. If you too have felt like this at least once, from today you won’t have to feel alone anymore. As I always say this is just the beginning, I invite you to follow me on my social pages and on Instagram (iamonlychriss) to stay up to date and not miss any surprises. I wish you good listening and an immersive and electrifying vision!