Christian 2, today the last two episodes. Previews of the season finale

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William Shakespeare wrote: “Some rise with sin, some fall with virtue”. In the small universe of Città-Palazzo the struggle between good and evil puts a strain on Christianthe “holy thug” played by Edoardo Pesce, protagonist of the supernatural-crime drama produced by Sky Studios and Lucky Red in collaboration with Newen Connect (THE SPECIAL), from Friday 7 April with the two final episodes exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW. The last episodes, fifth and sixth, also available on demand from tomorrow, will go on Sky Atlantic tomorrow evening from 21.15.

Christian’s challenge

Holding the reins of a situation now out of control becomes increasingly difficult for Christian (Edoardo Pesce), who faces the internal war going on in the City – Palace with the few means he has left. While Christian’s Friends grotesquely patrol the streets, defending an increasingly fragile kingdom, Matteo (Claudio Santamaria) continues his work and chooses Rachele (Silvia d’Amico) as his next target. It’s time to come to terms with good and evil, with Biondo (Giulio Beranek) and Black (Laura Morante), with violence and compromise. No one seems ready to face the consequences of what has now become a divine struggle. It will be Christian and Matteo who will have to face each other in a final clash, between themselves and with themselves, to find their way back and finally understand what really is the will of a God who seems to have abandoned the City-Palace by now.


The cast: Edoardo Pesce plays Christian, the protagonist who gives the series its name, alongside Claudio Santamaria in the role of Matteo, a Vatican postulator with unorthodox methods. Silvia D’Amico returns with them in the role of Rachele, a former drug addict with a painful past, miraculously cured by Christian and reborn to new life, Antonio Bannò in those of Davide, heir to the empire of Lino, the local boss of the first season played by Giordano De Plano, Francesco Colella in the role of Tomei, the shady veterinarian of Città-Palazzo, Gabriel Montesi is the friend of the company of Christian, Penna, Giulio Beranek and Ivan Franek still in the role – respectively – of the charismatic Biondo and Father Klaus, exorcist who has a score to settle with Christian. In the new episodes also Romana Maggiora Vergano who is again Michela, in the first season died and resurrected by the hand of Christian.

Two absolute debuts in the cast of the second season of Christian: that of Laura Morante, who will play the Nera, a mysterious ethereal entity who will come into play to disturb Biondo’s plans, and that of Camilla Filippi who will play Esther, an outsider of the City-Palace who doesn’t seem to get along well with Christian’s presence and who will weave a deep bond with Matteo.

The subject of the series is by Francesco Agostini, Giulio Calvani, Valerio Cilio, Stefano Lodovichi, with the collaboration of Patrizia Dellea. Screenplays by Valerio Cilio, Patrizia Dellea, Stefano Lodovichi and Valentina Piersanti.


The situation in Città-Palazzo is out of control. Christian’s Friends led by Michela scour the streets and lock up the offenders. Christian gets back into business with the old criminals in the neighborhood, with the proviso that the neighborhood doesn’t go back to being a drug plaza. Matthew instills sloth in Rachel, who begins to feel the desire to commit suicide. Christian can’t handle the violence and discovers that the bosses have reintroduced drug trafficking.


Matteo saves Rachele from suicide and proposes that she betray Christian, only to then understand that she no longer wants to be a pawn of the Nera. So he makes a rash choice: he instills pride in himself. Biondo reveals himself to Christian and tells him that his reign has failed. Matteo declares himself the new leader of the City-Palace. Esther finally reveals her true nature, and where she belongs. La Nera introduces Christian to an unexpected person…