Christian De Sica and Alessandro Siani, the teaser trailer of Who framed Santa Claus?

The two actors are preparing to entertain the public in the period most awaited by adults and children. In the past few hours Christian De Sica gave viewers the first teaser of the film which will soon debut on the big screen.

Christian De Sica, the teaser trailer

For years the arrival of Christmas has coincided with the release of films capable of bringing families and friends together at the cinema, this year it will be the same. Who framed Santa Claus? is the title of the film that brings together two artists much loved by the public, we are obviously talking about Alessandro Siani and Christian De Sica.

A little while ago the Roman actor (PHOTO) shared the teaser of the film on the Instagram profile it boasts more than 610,000 followers who follow his life every day between backstage, photo shoots, work commitments and moments of relaxation in the company of their dearest loved ones.

The film, lasting about thirty seconds, shows the first images of the film announcing its distribution during the Christmas period.

The teaser immediately got enthusiastic comments from the audience, curious to see the couple together on the big screen. The actor commented on the teaser by writing in the post caption: “We arrive“.

At this point there is nothing left to do but wait to be able to see the trailer and know all the details of Who framed Santa Claus?