Christian De Sica, the wedding of his daughter Maria Rosa

They arrived arm in arm at the altar, he smiling, she excited in her long white dress. At the end of the garden of the Sanctuary of the Madonna in Saletta, in the small Molise town of Castel Del Giudice, Christian De Sica and his daughter Maria Rosa they were welcomed by her partner, the architect Francesco Valentiniwho was holding their little girl, the little girl, in her arms White. During the wedding of his second daughter, had 36 years ago by his wife Silvia Verdone, De Sica abandoned the roles of actor, director and screenwriter to take on only those of father and grandfather, and after accompanying Maria Rosa alongside her future husband, he took his place between The guests. Among these, uncle Carlo Verdone, Sabrina Ferilli, Fausto Brizzi, Silvia Salis, Barbara Fumagalli and the defender of Bologna Lorenzo De Silvestri. There was no shortage of them on social media either greetings by Massimo Boldi, De Sica’s historic film partner. “Warmest congratulations to Maria Rosa and her father” wrote the actor.


Before the ceremony, De Sica shared a tender shot of Maria Rosa as a child, followed by an image of the woman in a wedding dress. “I would like to teach her to feel free to seek her own path and follow her heart,” the actor had declared in the past in an interview with People. “The idea of ​​becoming a grandpa scares me a bit, but that’s right. I feel like life goes on.” To celebrate the happy milestone of her daughter, after a lunch in Castel di Sangro based on the Abruzzo tradition and prepared by the starred Chef Niko Romito, De Sica dedicated the song to the spouses Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra, and once the piano notes faded, fireworks exploded.