Christian Nodal launches a new single: ‘We are no longer nor will we be’

Composed of his own Christian Nodal Together with his great friend, Edgar Barrera, the song narrates the lack of love only felt by those who loved with all their hearts and lost it.

“My people, the emotion of being able to share with you once again my feelings in lyrics and song does not fit in my chest. Today, finally, you will be able to enjoy my new single ‘Ya No Somos Ni Seremos’. I hope that you can feel it as much as I do when composing it and that we will soon sing it together”, expressed Nodal.

Born in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, Christian Nodal is the fastest growing artist in the regional Mexican music genre, fusing the classic sounds of mariachi music with the accordion to create mariacheño, a term he coined .

Currently, he is the most successful regional Mexican singer-songwriter. He is the one who has had the most songs in the Top 100 of Spotify Mexico, in the Mexican regional category. On that platform, his monthly listeners exceed 13.8 million and he registers more than 10 million followers per month. On YouTube he has more than six billion views.

He is the regional Mexican artist with the most #1 on the Billboard charts in history with 13 songs.