CHRISTIAN, the trailer and the poster of the new Sky Original production with Edoardo Pesce

It is shown today in the images of the official trailer and in the newly released poster CHRISTIAN (Canneseries, the Sky Original Christian TV series wins the award for Best Music), a Sky and Lucky Red production in participation with Newen Connect, which will arrive on January 28, 2022 on Sky and streamed on NOW.

Commissioned by Sky Studios for Italy, CHRISTIAN (PHOTOS OF THE CAST) it’s a supernatural – crime drama with the winner of the David di Donatello Edoardo Pesce (Dogman) protagonist in the title role, that of the henchman of a boss of suburban Rome to whom stigmata suddenly appear with which he will begin to work miracles. A six-episode Sky Original series directed by Stefano Lodovichi (The hunter, At the bottom of the woods) – also creative producer – e Roberto Saku Cinardi, created by Valerio Cilio, Roberto Saku Cinardi and Enrico Audenino, from an idea of ​​Roberto Saku Cinardi. The screenplays are by Valerio Cilio, Enrico Audenino, Renato Sannio and Patrizia Dellea.

the cast

Next to Edoardo Pesce in the cast: Silvia D’Amico (Do not be naughty, The place, Gagarin hotels) as Rachel, a troubled girl close to Christian; Giordano De Plano (Our father, The land of enough, Paz!) is Lino, the local boss, almost a brother to Christian as the two states grew up by the same woman, Italy; Antonio Bannò (Romulus, Suburra – The series) in the role of Lino’s son, Davide, heir to his father’s empire and best friend of Christian; Francesco Colella (Our Father, Feather, ZeroZeroZero) plays Tomei, the neighborhood veterinarian who rounds up by treating and sewing those who need it and can’t go to the hospital; Gabriel Montesi (Bad Tales, Romulus, I was hoping de died first), who plays a friend of Christian and Davide’s company, Penna, a petty thug who works for Lino; Lina Sastri (Veiled Naples, Passion, Ecce Bombo) in those of Italy, Christian’s mother. And with the winner of the David di Donatello Claudio Santamaria (Freaks Out, The best years, They called him Jeeg Robot), which in Christian he will play Matteo, a Vatican postulator obsessively searching for someone with real thaumaturgical powers.

the synopsis

In a desolate neighborhood on the Roman outskirts, Christian (Edoardo Pesce) earns his living doing the only thing he knows how to do: beating. He does it for the local boss, Lino (Giordano De Plano), a sort of older adoptive brother because he grew up with the same woman, Italy (Lina Sastri). The latter now suffers from Alzheimer’s and lives with Christian who looks after her. One day, Christian’s hands start to ache and bleed: they are stigmata, even if he, forced from the suburbs, does not realize it. The stigmata soon become a problem, also because they prevent him from doing his job, that of “leading his hands”. Through them he miraculously saves the neighborhood junkie Rachele (Silvia D’Amico) from an overdose, who clings to him to invite him to change his life, since apparently he can cure people.

Christian’s powers attract the attention of Matthew (Claudio Santamaria), a Vatican postulator who is obsessed with finding someone whose thaumaturgical powers are true. But above all, Christian’s great power draws Lino’s attention: not only because Christian can no longer do his job, but because Christian saves people, and this could undermine the foundations of his reign.

CHRISTIAN – From 28 January 2022 on Sky and streaming on NOW