Christmas 2023, shopping begins for 6 out of 10 Italians: here’s how much they will spend

Coldiretti/Ixe’: estimated cost of 194 euros per person

With less than a month to go until Christmas 2023, shopping begins for six out of ten Italians (59%) who take advantage of the promotions and advantageous initiatives planned in shops, markets and on the internet for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti/Ixe’ analysis released on the occasion of the long weekend of great discounts and opportunities which kicks off the shopping rush for the Christmas holidays. If there are those who prefer to wait for the arrival of the thirteenth month, the majority of Italians anticipate their purchases by taking advantage of the discounts for an estimated cost of 194 euros per person14% more than last year according to Coldiretti/Ixe’, albeit with notable differences.

If the majority of those who shop (40%) will keep their budget below the threshold of 100 euros, another 35% will reach up to 200 euros – claims Coldiretti – and a further 11% will go up to 300 euros and a 7% up to 500 Euros. But there is also a 5% of “scrooges” who will exceed this figure.

Among the most popular products are electronics, clothing, beauty products but also food and wine due to the tendency to make useful purchases driven by the pandemic and the economic impact of the war. In fact – concludes Coldiretti – as many as 22% of those who shop over the long weekend will take home food products or wine as gifts to themselves or to others.