Christmas bonus 2021? In reality they are good shopping and not for everyone: that’s what it is

The contribution financed by the state, explains the Reformist, is intended for the purchase of food and basic necessities for families in economic difficulty. The criteria for accessing the subsidy vary according to the calls of local administrations. Only in some cases it will be possible to receive 1,400 euros

It is not a Christmas bonus as it has been defined on several sites, but it is a shopping voucher for families in financial difficulty. And not all nuclei will have the opportunity to receive 1,400 euros, as we read in many titles around the web. To explain it is an article of the Reformist. Here is what is, to whom and to what extent the contribution provided by the Municipalities and financed by the government to purchase food and basic necessities.

What are shopping vouchers

The shopping voucher is a benefit provided for by the Ristori law decree and refinanced by the government with the Sostegni-bis decree law of May 2021 and was born as a subsidy for those who find themselves in economic difficulty due to the Covid emergency. The government has allocated 500 million euros for 2021. The funds have been divided among the various municipalities following two criteria: a share equal to 50% of the total fund based on the resident population of each municipality; the remaining 50% of the fund in proportion to the distance between the value of the per capita income of each municipality and the national average value.

Who manages the shopping vouchers

It is therefore the Municipalities that deal with the management of the funds destined for them. the. Each administration, through tenders, has established who can request it, usually based on ISEE income, and how much money to make available. The amounts vary according to the composition of the household and the amounts vary from city to city. Some municipalities have recently approved an additional tranche of funding for 2021 and, with the holidays approaching, many online newspapers have deceptively renamed the contribution “Christmas bonus”.

How much is the shopping voucher

The shopping voucher is intended for the purchase of food or other basic necessities, such as products for personal hygiene or for the home. The amounts, as well as the number of payments, vary according to the municipality. In general, it ranges from a minimum of around 100 euros to a maximum of 600-700 euros. And, since in some cases, we think of larger families, it is possible that the bonus can be obtained more than once, hence the reference to 1,400 euros.