Christmas, Clementoni: “Happy children, ‘Suspended gift’ kit useful tool”

“AND’ a kit that is given to children in hospitalization situations: inside there are different activities and different games, from coloring to composing. There is a puzzle, there are coloring booklets with very special images. There are games that stimulate the child’s attention and stimulate him in imagination, creativity and also in logic “. He said it Pierpaolo Clementoni, Director of Advanced Research and Test Area of ​​Clementoni, on the sidelines of the presentation of the initiative ‘Suspended gift‘, created together with Unicef ​​Italia and supported by the Lazio Regional Council, with the aim of deliver to 2,000 children – hosted in hospitals and family homes in Italy – special game kits made by the Roman street artist Merioone, e helping many vulnerable children around the world.

“We think it can be an important tool – continued Clementoni – to make money the presence of children in the hospital is more serene and better accept this particular situation that presents itself to them in hospital. We have seen a sometimes touching reaction from the children. We also had the opportunity to have the Fire Brigade deliver these kits through the truck with the ladder that reached the wards, because there was no possibility to enter the wards. It was an exciting thing with the delighted children. For us it is a confirmation that this kit can be a helper tool for the child“.