Christmas Decree 2021, Official Gazette: measures in force from today 25 December

Decree 221 published in the Official Gazette. Masks, green pass, super green pass: the measures

The Christmas Decree 2021, published in the Official Gazette, is in force from today 25 December: from the obligation to wear an outdoor mask to the reduced duration of the green pass, from the closure of discos to the extension of the green pass. The measures launched by the government are adopted to contain covid infections and stem the Omicron variant.

“I think we have tried to grasp the objective of not closing down. To date, basically, apart from the discos for which we will have to make a precise reflection, our country is in fact open”, said the undersecretary. alla Salute, Andrea Costa, on Sky Tg24. “We must continue with a great sense of responsibility, respect the rules and proceed with the third dose, because we cannot afford to nullify all the sacrifices that Italians have made in the last two years,” he added.

What the decree provides:


The Christmas Decree (number 221), in which the state of emergency is extended until March 31, 2022, with article 3 reduces the duration of the green pass “starting from February 1, 2022”. The green certificate will be valid for 6 months and not 9, as is currently the case.


It is mandatory to wear a mask outdoors even in the white area. From today, according to article 4, “until January 31, 2022” there is “the obligation to use protective devices for the respiratory tract, even in outdoor places” and “also in the white area”. Until now, the obligation to wear masks outdoors was linked to the yellow zone or in the case of gatherings or in areas indicated by specific ordinances at the local level.


With article 4, the Christmas decree introduces the obligation of the Ffp2 on public transport, in theaters, cinemas, outdoor venues, stadiums. And this until the end of the state of emergency, which is currently set for March 31st.

“For shows open to the public that take place indoors or outdoors in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other similar venues, as well as for sporting events and competitions that take place indoors or outdoors, it is mandatory to wear FFP2 respiratory protection devices “, foresees the rest. No popcorn and drinks in the cinema, as “the consumption of food and drink indoors is forbidden”. The Ffp2 mask must also be worn on buses and metro: the obligation applies “also to access and use of public means of transport”.


Article 5 defines the extension of the use of the reinforced Green pass – the certificate issued to vaccinated or recovered people – up to the cessation of the state of emergency for consumption even at the counter in bars and restaurants.

The decree also provides for the extension of the obligation of a closed Super Green pass for swimming pools, gyms and team sports, but also for museums and exhibitions. Super Green Pass indoors for wellness centers, spas (except for essential levels of assistance and rehabilitation or therapeutic activities), theme and amusement parks, for cultural centers, social and recreational centers (excluding educational centers for children ) indoors and for gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.


No New Year’s Eve parties in the square. From today “until January 31, 2022, parties, however named, events similar to these and concerts that involve gatherings in open spaces are prohibited”, provides for article 6.

Until the end of January, discos are closed: “The activities that take place in dance halls, discos and similar places are suspended”.


It is possible to enter to visit residential, social welfare, social health and hospice facilities only for subjects with a reinforced Green Pass and negative swab or vaccination with a third dose.