Christmas, from the glitter spray to the “designer” collar: when the gift is for cats and dogs

Santa Claus also arrives for the dogs and cats of the Italians. And Santa Claus will have his work cut out given that, according to a survey by Altroconsumo, in 2021 pets in Italy reached the record figure of 62.1 million. The research also showed that people’s quality of life improved right after the arrival of a pet.

Being so important, animal friends certainly deserve a Christmas present. From the useful one to the more fanciful one, from the typically Christmas collar or to the very chic velvety one, to the heart-shaped tag with the name engraved, up to a special bowl. For the coldest dogs there are designer coats, raincoats and duvets: gifts whose prices vary and you can even reach high prices for a jewel-collar or a special gift. “Interactive games and special foods are very popular this year – explains to Adnkronos Serena, owner of the online store ‘La boutique di Milù’ – from the Christmas tree with holes and balls inside that the animal can extract , or haute patisserie foods, small specific desserts for dogs or cats, and even mini-sparkling wine: apple juice suitable for our four-legged friends and also much loved”.

“Something more charming? Certainly, cosmetics such as the fur spray with glitter: it protects and nourishes the fur and at the same time makes it shine. – he continues – then there are bows and clips for those dogs that have a tuft in front of their eyes, particular collars also embellished with Swarovski. Costs? They can start from 90 cents or one euro for clasps and bows up to 90 euros and more for coats, even in cashmere. There are gifts for all tastes and for all pockets”.

The importance of having pets at home is underlined by the psychotherapist Maria Rita Parsi. “An animal at home is necessary, indeed indispensable – he tells Adnkronos Parsi – and I invite everyone, parents, grandparents, adults in general, to keep animals at home (especially if there are also minors). A dog, a cat, a turtle, a hamster or even some birds, because their presence is therapeutic.Moreover, it should be emphasized that very often, those who are afraid of living together with an animal, using hygiene or other excuses, should reflect on how they govern instinctive part of his behavior. Above all, in relation to the fear that the behavior of certain animals is unpredictable and therefore beyond their control”.

“Pets, with the movements of their bodies and with their gaze, signal their needs, their attitudes and their willingness to play, to be stroked, to come into contact or not, to obey or not to directions and commands that are imparted. Educating us and educating them to live with us – Parsi explains again – is an exercise, a training to get in touch, to know and also to recognize the sensations and emotions that we tend to rationalize, underestimate or remove”.

“Furthermore, animals with their behaviors can highlight something unexpressed. By taking care of them, we also come to process mourning, fears, jealousies and frustrations or to take inspiration from their energy, joie de vivre and from defying danger, to seek freedom while remaining faithful to the desire to keep us company and to their dependence on us to the point that their presence can only strengthen us. It is no coincidence – continues Parsi – that we very often also project intentions and emotions that belong to us on animals. In this ‘game’ the interpretation of an animal’s behavior also reflects many unconscious aspects of our feelings”.

”Animals, especially dogs and cats, keep children, adults and the elderly company a lot and I believe they are definitely necessary to accompany the growth of every human being, from infancy to old age. Taking care of an animal, then, is an exercise in learning to look after, to pay constant, daily attention to a faithful friend. You have to take the dog – the psychotherapist continues – out, you have to clean the cat’s litter box and then the shopping for food and everything else. This constant care is an excellent investment, in my opinion, because it also teaches us to take care of ourselves”.

“During the pandemic the presence of animals in the home has been miraculous and we should give a gold medal to all dogs, cats and other pets for the support and affection they have given to their owners, for the support constant in helping them to face isolation, fear and anguish of death Precious friends for many people, children and the elderly in particular – concludes Parsi – animals educate us and feed all the attention that we often do not allocate not even ourselves. Pets are therapeutic.”

(by Giselda Curzi)