Christmas gifts, the trend is the ‘refurbished’ gift

Original brand products that cannot be sold as new but retain aesthetic and functional characteristics of the new. Choosing them is good for the environment (and for the wallet) and the Millenials have already promoted them, not just at Christmas.

Don’t call it a recycled gift, the new trend, more ethical and environmentally friendly, is to choose a reconditioned or regenerated gift. Terms that until recently we would never have associated with a smartphone or tablet but which today are gaining ground, thanks to greater environmental sensitivity and attention to the lifespan of technological products. What is it about? They are original brand products that may have been returned by those who bought them or maybe they were for display, but in any case they can no longer be sold as new. And consumers are increasingly inclined to buy this type of gift, among which regenerated tech devices stand out.

According to a recent Wakefield Research survey reported by Chain Store Age, 62% of respondents are considering purchasing refurbished electronics, and 84% are willing to receive refurbished gifts during the holiday season. Furthermore, 47% of the survey participants have already given a refurbished product as a gift (+ 15% compared to 2020). The figure also shows growth for the Millennials, with 64% of respondents having already made a refurbished purchase in the current year (+ 16% compared to a year ago).

And again, two out of three participants think that giving a refurbished gift at Christmas is also a form of sustainable shopping. But that’s not all, in fact, according to what is indicated by Cnet, an authoritative portal specialized in technology, 40% of consumers involved in a survey declare that they want to buy at least one second-hand gift in view of the holidays.

The trend of “refurbished Christmas gift” therefore, it is on the rise, also considering the fact that already a year ago the trend was quite widespread: according to Circular Online, 80% of British people, on the occasion of last Christmas, were happy to buy “refurbished gifts” and, same percentage of people had considered buying a refurbished tech device for a loved one.

Among the most popular refurbished gifts, regenerated smartphones: Tech Advisor puts them in the foreground with an ad hoc analysis of offers and purchase indications. The devices are affordable for buyers and, at the same time, are available in a number of different types and versions. On the same wavelength, advice and feedback from the professionals of Senso emerge, an Italian company of reference in the sector of refurbished iPhones, as well as one of the first investments of YouniteStars, a company specialized in the creation and acquisition of e-commerce businesses with high potential for growth.

“We are witnessing an exponential growth in the demand for refurbished products among the younger consumer groups, especially this Christmas – says Gianmaria Monteleone, founder and CEO of Senso and Younitestars – This testifies to the growing awareness of the new generations towards the environment . As a company that boasts tens of thousands of customers throughout Europe, through the development of particular reconditioning processes and disruptive proprietary technologies, we want to bring the Italian flag to the global competition in the sector “.

Every day we make devices with a positive impact on the environment – continues – Speaking of green Italian excellence: we recently signed a partnership with Treedom to plant a new tree a day in a certified way and, for Christmas, we have allowed all customers who make a purchase on our site to donate for free a tree to loved ones too. “