Christmas, Leodori: “‘Suspended gift’ important project for children in hospital”

“Even as we arrive we will proceed with a purchase to give life to a very important project, which tends to stand by the side of those children who are suffering in this particular period of the year in hospitals and who will receive a gift that can alleviate the their suffering “. The said vice president of the Lazio Region, Daniele Leodori, on the sidelines of the presentation of the Unicef ​​Italia initiative ‘Suspended gift‘, created this year in collaboration with Clementoni and supported by the Lazio Regional Council, with the aim of deliver to 2,000 children – housed in hospitals and family homes in Italy – special play kits created by the Roman street artist Merioone, and helping many vulnerable children around the world.

“The numbers of the project – continued Leodori – are currently 500 kits purchased by the Council, the Council will do at least the same: we will have about a thousand kits to distribute to children throughout the Region. Since this is a suspended gift, all the contributions that will arrive for the purchase of these kits will then be destined for other children who are suffering in other areas of the planet ”.