Christmas Mass, Pope: “Enough deaths at work, man is not a slave”

“God comes tonight to fill the hardness of work with dignity”

“On the day of life we ​​repeat: no more deaths at work! And let’s commit ourselves to this”. This is the strong appeal of the Pope during the celebration of Mass on Christmas Eve. “Tonight God comes to fill the hardness of work with dignity. He reminds us how important it is to give dignity to man with work, but also to give dignity to man’s work, because man is lord and not a slave to work. On the day of life we ​​repeat: no more deaths at work! And let us commit ourselves to this “, the Pontiff admonishes.

Looking again at the nativity scene, Bergoglio recalls that “in Bethlehem the poor and the rich are together, those who adore like the wise men and those who work like shepherds. Everything comes together when Jesus is at the center: not our ideas about Jesus, but Him , the Living One “. Hence the warning to the faithful: “So, dear brothers and sisters, let’s go back to Bethlehem, let’s go back to the origins: to the essentiality of faith, to first love, to adoration and to charity. Let’s look at the wise men who wander and as a synodal Church, on the way, we go to Bethlehem, where there is God in man and man in God; where the Lord is in first place and is worshiped; where the last occupy the place closest to him; where shepherds and magi stay together in a fraternity stronger than any classification “.

Then the final invocation: “May God grant us to be an adoring Church, poor and fraternal. This is the essential. Let’s go back to Bethlehem. It does us good to go there, docile to the Christmas Gospel, which presents the Holy Family, the shepherds , the wise men: all people on a journey. Brothers, sisters, let’s set out, because life is a pilgrimage. Let’s get up, let’s wake up because tonight a light is turned on. It is a gentle light and reminds us that in our littleness we are loved children, children of light “.