Christmas, nuns between prayers and markets: the “Made in seclusion” to face the expensive bills

Not only meditation and prayers at Christmas in the monastery. Even the cloistered nuns, this year, are heavily affected by the high bills and energy increases and therefore, in view of Christmas, they have worked hard to be able to face the increases. ‘Made in seclusion’ initiatives were born. In the various monasteries scattered throughout the country tonight there will be prayers before the Nativity with an eye also to finances to pay the bills. To say, in the capital, the Augustinian nuns of the monastery of Santi Quattro Coronati in this period offer online a series of products to give to help them in the daily economy. From aromatic salt to prayer knots, the nuns also sell bookmarks. Small gifts that can be given thus giving a hand to the cause of the religious.

In Rome, recently, about eighty cloistered nuns met to understand how to deal with the needs at the level of economic, administrative and fiscal management in the monasteries. And so, in view of Christmas, there are nuns who have given life to markets in the cloister. An example for all, in the cloister of the cloistered monastery of the Capuchin nuns of Santa Veronica Giuliani. It is the first time this has happened in the history of the monastery, founded in 1643 and dedicated to the Saint in Città di Castello.

The nuns of Vitorchiano, in the Viterbo area, have set up a cosmetics laboratory and farms. In Potenza the cloistered nuns have set up a bakery cooperative inherited from one of the nuns. ‘Ora et labora’, in short, today more than ever given the crisis. The Benedictines of the cloistered monastery of San Gervasio and Protasio, in Vittorio Veneto, cultivate a vegetable garden, a lavender field and an aloe greenhouse. They also have a vineyard that produces such an excellent prosecco as to have won the ‘Award for organic and heroic viticulture’. They will certainly not deny themselves a glass of good auspicious Prosecco at the end of the Christmas night mass.