Christmas weather, hot even on Boxing Day: forecasts

End of the year with a mild climate, in the South it exceeds 20 degrees

After Christmas ‘in the heat’, the sub-tropical high pressure continues to dominate Italy, with anomalous weather for the end of December: high temperatures also on Boxing Day and in the following days around New Year’s Eve 2023, The static atmosphere, typical of the anti-cyclonic regime, translates – say the Meteo Expert meteorologists – into a stagnation of pollutants and humidity in the lower layers with low even persistent clouds and some fog which will persist above all in the Po Valley and in the Ligurian sector, but which may also form on many areas of central and southern Italy.

The factor that will unite all of Italy will be the temperatures that are widely above the norm, with values ​​above the seasonal averages even in the gray areas, especially in the minimum ones, and with decidedly mild values ​​in the sunny areas. In the south, especially in the major islands, temperatures above 20 degrees are expected and the climate will be exceptionally mild even in the mountains. The trend also shows an absence of significant perturbations for the days following the Christmas period. In fact, high pressure will show a very slow decline, especially at high altitudes where westerly currents will establish themselves with a gradually less mild air flow.

On Boxing Day the weather will be mostly sunny in the South, in the Islands, in Abruzzo, Molise, with mists and low morning clouds along the mid-Adriatic, in southern Puglia, in the internal valleys and in the north of Campania. In the coldest hours, low clouds and fog also spread over Lazio, Umbria and central-southern Tuscany.

Serene or partly cloudy skies in the internal Alps, with increasing clouds by evening and a tendency for some light precipitation in the border areas of the Aosta Valley, snowy at high altitudes. Day with gray sky in the plains in the North, on the coasts of the upper Adriatic, in the center and in the Levante Ligure, in the north of Tuscany and Umbria; mists and mists in the morning over Emilia Romagna; light rains possible in central and eastern Liguria, drizzles in Venezia Giulia and occasionally also in the plains of the north-west.

Stationary or slightly increasing temperatures, with values ​​significantly above the norm throughout the country. Weak mainly southern winds on all seas, with local reinforcements on the Ligurian and upper Tyrrhenian seas where the seas will be locally moved. The other seas are calm or smooth.

Tuesday 27 December will be characterized by some bank of fog in the Po Valley in the coldest hours, on the flat areas and along the coasts of the Centre-South. During the day, cloudy skies over Emilia Romagna and the northern part of the centre, with no significant rainfall; temporary clearing over the plains of the North-East, serene or partly cloudy skies over the rest of the country. Temperatures slightly decreasing in the Alps and Sardinia, maximum temperatures rising in the plains of the North-West. Mostly weak winds and mostly smooth seas.