Ciak d’Oro 2022, voting at the start


There are no insiders or rather the insider is the public, the unquestionable judge of the vote to award the Golden clapperboards to Italian cinema. Starting from 5 December, it is possible to express preferences by choosing from candidates in 8 categories: the Best Moviethe Best directionthe Best Actor and the Best Actress herothe Best film of the season directed by a newcomer. To these categories are added the Best posterthe Best Original Song in a Motion Picture and the Film revelation of the year. The latter will see actors and actresses competing in a single category. The titles in the competition were selected from those released between 1 October 2021 and 31 October 2022.


The collaboration with Sky TG24, the magazine directed by Giuseppe de Bellis, is back, with daily reports and insights that enrich the schedule.

Sky Tg24 is confirmed as media partner of Golden Clapperboardbringing its great media strength in support of one of the oldest and most prestigious awards in Italian cinema.


You can vote up to three times each day for each category, being able to indicate up to three candidates each time. In the categories Best Original Song in a Film and Cinematographic Revelation of the Year, the possible votes for each of the three daily sessions will be a maximum of two per session.

All the details are available in the December issue of Ciak on newsstands.


Ciak d’Oro for best film

1) Still air, by Leonardo Di Costanzo

2) It was the hand of God, by Paolo Sorrentino

3) Ennio, by Giuseppe Tornatore

4) Freaks Out, by Gabriele Mainetti

5) The De Filippo brothers, by Sergio Rubini

6) The hummingbird, by Francesca Archibugi

7) The immensity, by Emanuele Crialese

8) The strangeness, by Roberto Andò

9) Marilyn has black eyes, by Simone Godano

10) Let’s rob the Duce, by Renato De Maria

11) Drought, by Paolo Virzì

12) I eat your heart, by Pippo Mezzapesa

Ciak d’oro for Best Director

1) Gianni Amelio (The lord of the ants)

2) Bonifacio Angius (The Giants)

3) Francesca Archibugi (The hummingbird)

4) Pupi Avati (Dante)

5) Jonas Carpignano (To Chiara)

6) Leonardo Di Costanzo (air still)

7) Paolo Genovese (Superheroes)

8) Manetti Bros (Diabolik)

9) Kim Rossi Stuart (Brado)

10) Paolo Sorrentino (It was the hand of God)

11) Roberta Torre (The fabulous ones)

12) Paolo Virzì (Drought)

Ciak d’oro for Best Actor

1) Stefano Accorsi (Marilyn has black eyes)

2) Alessandro Borghi (The Hanging Sun, Superheroes)

3) Pietro Castellitto (Let’s rob the Duce)

4) Sergio Castellitto (The emotional material, Dante)

5) Giorgio Colangeli (Mindemic)

6) Gianni Di Gregorio (Astolfo)

7) Pierfrancesco Favino (Nostalgia, I run to you, The hummingbird)

8) Elio Germano (Latin America)

9) Luigi Lo Cascio (The lord of the ants)

10) Valerio Mastandrea (Drought, Diabolik)

11) Silvio Orlando/Toni Servillo (air still)

12) Riccardo Scamarcio (The shadow of the day, The Catholic school, Almost an orphan)

Ciak d’oro for Best Actress

1) Monica Bellucci (The Befana comes at night 2, Drought, The Girl in the Fountain)

2) Matilda De Angelis (Let’s rob the Duce)

3) Susy Del Giudice (The De Filippo brothers)

4) Anna Foglietta (Virus trafficker)

5) Masta Gastini (I am Vera)

6) Claudia Gerini (Natural Lefty)

7) Miriam Leone (Diabolik, I run to you, Marilyn has black eyes)

8) Rosa Palasciano (Julia)

9) Benedetta Porcaroli (The Catholic school, The shadow of the day, Amanda)

10) Stefania Sandrelli (Astolfo)

11) Teresa Saponangelo (It was the hand of God)

12) Jasmine Trinca (Superheroes)

Ciak d’oro for Best Film directed by a newcomer

1) Giovanni Basso (Mindemic)

2) Viviana Calò (Queerido Fidel)

3) Carolina Cavalli (Amanda)

4) Francesco Costabile (A female)

5) Alessio De Leonardis and Fabrizio Moro (Ice)

6) Niccolo Falsetti (Margins)

7) Claudia Gerini (Tapirulàn)

8) Hleb Papou (Legionnaire)

9) Alessio Rigo De Righi and Matteo Zoppis (King Crab)

10) Laura Samani (Small body)

11) Giulia Steigerwalt (September)

12) Jasmine Trinca (Marcel!)

Golden Clapperboard for Best Revelation of the Year

1) Elodie (I eat your heart)

2) Ficarra and Picone (The strangeness)

3) Leonardo Maltese (The lord of the ants)

4) Swami Rotolo (To Chiara)

5) Lina Siciliano (A female)

6) Filippo Scotti (It was the hand of God)

Golden Clapperboard for Best Original Song

1) Manuel Agnelli – The depth of the abyss (Diabolik)

2) Fredrika Stahl – Little Body (Little Body)

3) Francesca Michielin – In your eyes (Marilyn has black eyes)

4) Fabrizio Moro – It’s you (Ice)

5) Nicola Piovani – I do ‘a polka (The De Filippo brothers)

6) Giuliano Taviani and Carmelo Travia – Just you (L’arminuta)


To vote you can go to Ciak,; for further information, you can follow the in-depth analysis of the Sky TG24 channel and its website Sky, where you will find news on the trend of the vote, interviews, previews and exclusives.

The challenge is to overcome the more than 185,000 valid votes collected last year, an avalanche that had pulverized the record of thirty thousand valid votes, set in 2020.


There’s more: in January the Ciaks will be awarded to the best supporting actors, screenplays, producers, directors of photography, documentaries and other protagonists in the so-called “technical” categories, who will be judged by a jury made up of 150 entertainment journalists and film critics.

In short, voting to give Italian cinema due recognition, in the year that marks the exit from the pandemic, the return of the public to theaters and the release of titles worthy of the best Italian cinematographic tradition.