Ciak d’Oro TV series, all the winners of the 2023 edition

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With an exploit of 660,000 votes collected on the site of Clapperboard, closes the first edition of the Ciak d’oro TV series which gave a voice to the public of enthusiasts by calling them to elect their favorites and champions of a year of stories told by the great seriality. What emerged was a photograph of the titles and protagonists most loved by the general public. Seven categories voted: Best Italian series of the year, Best Italian actor and actress of the year, Best international series and Best international protagonist, in this case without distinction of gender. To these are added two independent categories dedicated to the tastes of the younger audience: Best series and Best protagonist (No gender) for fans under 30. The selection of the nominations and the ”call to action” for the vote was in this case, another reality of the Ciak universe, the one that refers to the site, leader in information on TV series for young and very young people, curated by Daniele Giannazzo, one of the most successful Italian creators of TV serials.

Series released between January 1, 2022 and February 15, 2023 were taken into consideration.

Ciak’s partners in this important operation, which has almost tripled the boom of 233,000 votes of the last golden Ciaks of Italian cinema, are once again Sky Tg24 and Mastercard. The Ciak d’oro TV Series are the first major Italian prize for authorial seriality decided directly by the public, which joins the only other major snapshot existing in this sector, the Nastri d’Argento Grandi Serie, awarded by the Syndicate of Italian Film Journalists .

The TV series and the awarded actors and actresses

Best Italian series of the year is Everything asks for salvation. Carolina Crescentini and Lino Guanciale the best Italian actor of the year voted by the public for the best Italian actress of the year. Among the international series it triumphs Wednesday. Best International Lead is Jenna Ortega for Wednesday. The Bad Guy was the most innovative series. The panorama of awards is completed by the acknowledgments by the editorial staff of Ciak, including the Superciak d’oro 2023 to the Italian series of the year which went to Call My Agent and the Ciak d’oro Cult-Colpo di lightning to Christian.

Dominion of Mare out 3 in the two categories dedicated to the tastes of the younger audience: the series produced for Rai by Picomedia won the Ciak d’oro for Best Under 30 Audience Series and Massimiliano Caiazzo was awarded Best Actor.

The special on Sky Tg24

Sky Tg24 will host the prime-time TV special on the award ceremony, broadcast on 9 April at 21.00 on Easter evenings and in repeat on 10 April at 14, on Easter Monday, hosted by the deputy director of Sky Tg24 Omar Schillaci and by the director of Ciak Flavio Natalia with the interventions of the winners.

In the studio: Carolina Crescentini and Lino Guanciale, Best Italian protagonists, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Best protagonist under 30, Francesco Bruni and Federico Cesari with Everything asks for salvation the Best Italian series. Edoardo Pesce and Claudio Santamaria, with Christian winner of the Ciak d’oro Cult-Colpo di lightning, Luigi Lo Cascio and Claudia Pandolfi, for the most innovative series at The Bad Guy, Sara Drago and Maurizio Lastrico Superciak d’oro with Call My Agent .

Daniele Giannazzo, founder of the website, intervened in the award ceremony of the two Under 30 series with which the choice and voting of the two categories voted by the younger public took place

The complete list of winners and finalists

Golden Superciak 2023: Call My Agent – ​​Italy – SKY and NOW

Ciak d’oro Most innovative series: The Bad Guy – PRIME VIDEO

Cult gold clapperboard – Thunderbolt: Christian – SKY and NOW

Best Italian series

1. Everything Asks for Salvation (NETFLIX) – 31.31%

2. Doc – In your hands 2 (RAI) – 26.60%

3. Vincenzo Malinconico, unsuccessful lawyer (RAI) – 15.84%

4. The Bad Guy (PRIME VIDEOS) – 13.65%

5. That Dirty Black Bag (PARAMOUNT+) – 12.60%

Best International Series

1. Wednesday (NETFLIX) – 29.54%

2. Dahmer (NETFLIX) – 23.34%

3. Stranger Things 4 (NETFLIX) – 21.02%

4. Peaky Blinders 6 (NETFLIX) – 13.15%

5. The Crown 5 (NETFLIX) – 12.94%

Best international protagonist

1. Jenna Ortega – Wednesday (NETFLIX) (35.54%)

2. Zendaya – Euphoria 2 (SKY and NOW) (17.96%)

3. Julia Roberts – Gaslit (LIONSGATE-PRIME VIDEO) (17.46%)

4. Sadie Sink – Stranger Things 4 (NETFLIX) (16.40%)

5. Lily Collins – Emily in Paris 3 (NETFLIX) (12.65%)

Best Italian actress

1. Carolina Crescentini – Boris 4 (DISNEY+), Everything asks for salvation (NETFLIX), Mare fuori (RAI) – 31.66%)

2. Vanessa Scalera – Imma Tataranni 2 (RAI) – 22.26%

3. Luisa Ranieri – The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2 (RAI) – 17.51%

4. Serena Rossi – Mina Settembre 2 (RAI) – 16.06%

5. Maria Chiara Giannetta – Good morning Mom! 2 (AVERAGE SET) – 12.50%

Best Italian actor

1. Lino Guanciale – Survivors, We (29.85%)

2. Andrea Pennacchi – (Petra 2 SKY and NOW), Everything asks for salvation (NETFLIX)- 25.38%

3. Luca Argentero – The ignorant fairies, Doc 2 (RAI) – 19.03%

4. Massimiliano Gallo – Vincenzo Malinconico, unsuccessful lawyer (RAI) – 13.61%

5. Claudio Amendola & M. Gobbo Diaz – Nero a mezzo 3 (RAI) – 12.13%

Best public protagonist under 30

1. Massimiliano Caiazzo – Mare fuori 3 (RAI) – 47.87%

2. Francesco Russo – Call My Agent – ​​Italy (SKY and NOW) – 17.43%

3. Nicolas Maupas – Mare fuori 3 (RAI) 16.69%

4. Federico Cesari – Everything asks for salvation (NETFLIX) – 9.26%

5. Valentina Romani – Mare fuori 3 (RAI), La porta rossa 3 (RAI) – 8.76%

Best audience series under 30

1. Mare fuori 3 (RAI) – 63.65%

2. Everything Asks for Salvation (NETFLIX) – 17.00%

3. Lidia Poët’s Law (NETFLIX) – 7.47%

4. I Hate Christmas (NETFLIX) – 5.90%

5. SKAM Italy 5 (NETFLIX) – 5.88%