Ciao – Review Lucio Dalla awards Colapesce and Dimartino and Mara Sattei

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The first images could only be from the repertoire. It’s a video from 1999, the song is HI and it is an example of inclusiveness. Lucio Dalla warns young people about the risks of watching too much television which could lead to impotence but which certainly accentuates the danger of not being ready for the future. Thus opens the first edition of Ciao – Rassegna Lucio Dalla which took place on the evening of Thursday 2 March in Bologna. Management is entrusted to One thousandone of the most interesting songwriters of recent years, ea Dario Ballantini. The prize is called the Dalla dancer, and is a sculpture that represents art in its essence. The recognition assigned to those who distinguish themselves for innovative forms of music and creativity. The categories identified are Artist, Song, Producer/Talent Scout, Soundtrack and Project; then there is the winner of the contest dedicated to emerging artists which has two sections: song and producer. Before starting the distribution of Ballerino Dalla, One thousand sings his Sì, Signorina exalted by a metallic and scratchy voice and enhanced by a rough and punk electric guitar. She leaves with the two young men. The producer category sees the presence on stage of the mayor of Bologna Matthew Lepore who recalling Dalla says that “I’ve always thought of him as one of us and now our mission is to make him live forever”. Wins Francesco Beggi. The sister sings Elena. The best song is from the whimsical and extroverted Mile who shows off a ghostly and rebellious voice combined with a look between college girl and Giamburrasca; she is very good at involving the audience. Lucio Dalla returns with an old film in which he wonders why the young man must be thinking and underlines that power stuns him and prevents him from serious dreams. Nice surprise to find on stage Pierdavide Carone: sing Dwarfsa song with which he participated in the Sanremo Festival in 2012 accompanied by Lucio, e March 4, 1943 by Dalla. Then reward Mara Satteiwinner in the Artist category, which offers two songs, including the Sanremo Two thousand minutes and adds that “for me Dalla has always been a point of reference. The night of miracles, Anna and Marco And Future my favourites”.

The Producer Category sees in the role of awardee Maurice Biancanione of the protagonists on Sky Art of the 33 laps cycle. Lucio Dalla he considered him the mix wizard and the most important sound engineer; wins bias. Roar when they appear on stage at the Teatro Celebrations colander And Dimartino who receive recognition in the Soundtracks section; to the audience present in the hall they offer a beautiful version of Majorana and the Sanremo area Splash. After the QN Award – Il Resto del Carlino a Giuse the Lizia there is the delivery in justified absence of the Project Award: it goes to Cesare Cremonini for the virtual duet with Lucio in Starfish. He is abroad but has sent a video: the prize will be kept at Casa Dalla until he returns. The Song Category takes it home Luchè with Stones don’t fly: the video is shown immediately and then the artist explains its meaning: “Each of us has problems and we think that the others don’t have any. In fact, in the video there is a waiter full of problems who observes a table having fun , but each of the diners goes to the bathroom with his own problems”. The ending is touching and is entrusted to Iskra Menarini who lived artistically with Lucio for 25 years. Sing Caruso in a wonderfully anarchic way and is clearly moved. The appointment with the second edition of Hello – Review Lucio Dalla it’s March 2024. But the machine behind it is already at work. The event, conceived by Pressing Line And iCompany and by the latter made with the artistic direction of Massimo Bonelliis promoted by Lucio Dalla Foundationin collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and supported by Bank of Bologna. Media Partner is QN Quotidiano Nazionale (il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno, Luce!). And I close with a suggestion: it would be nice that in the coming year, 2024, if this is the scenario, that the artists who take the stage also sing a song by Lucio Dalla. It would be a really nice trip.