CilentArt Fest, the third edition from 17 to 27 August

CilentArt Fest, now in its third edition, continues its journey on the tracks left by previous editions. The goal is also to enhance the Cilento territories through Art, Music and Dance. The Festival will be enlivened by shows that have made the history of the theater and leading contemporary companies.

The scheduled events, distributed in nine Cilentan municipalities: Capaccio Paestum, Agropoli, San Giovanni a Piro, Perito, Prignano, Gioi, Omignano, Lustra and Moio della Civitella, create an artistic path to explore, discover, and in which get lost among the natural wonders of these places and the performances that will “invade” them. Different programs for different municipalities which however intersect, tracing common thematic lines, actively involving the inhabitants of the area and the tourists who decide to discover the wonders of Cilento.

From 17 to 27 August 2023, the program, even richer than last year’s, for the prose section will range from the great performative experimentation of the Compagnia Rezza Mastrella (Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale 2018), to dramaturgical precision by Scimone and Sframeli, passing through the great Italian interpreters such as Rocco Papaleo, Massimiliano Gallo, Marco Baliani. More: the verve of the standup comedian Paola Minaccioni, the great classics of the theater, with the revival of performances by Nobel prize winners of literature by Matthias Martelli and then new contemporary classics such as those of Sotterraneo, the Ubu 2022 award winning company, as well to the great tradition of comedy of art re-proposed in a contemporary key by the Mansarda Teatro dell’Orco.

Very different performances that find their macro-coherence in constant artistic research and in addressing universal themes such as memories, the traces we leave after our passage, the sliding doors that lead us to ask: “What if I had lived a different life from what I’ve had up to now?”.

The marvelous natural landscapes of the towns of Cilento will be the backdrop to the powerful image of the shows that the great choreographers will bring to the dance section of the festival. Here too we will find different ideas of movement, of investigation of the body: the study of the possibility of meeting points; the “diplomacy” understood in its etymological sense on which the Compagnia Zappalà Danza will investigate; the clash between the Apollonian and the Dionysian that inspired Virgilio Sieni to create him; the loss of roots according to Carlo Massari, up to the communion with Nature and the beings of the sea painted by Piergiorgio Milano.

There is also, in an artistic project like that of CilentArt, inclusive, widespread but above all multidisciplinary, a large section dedicated to music. The Anagoor company will take us on a unique journey through images, set to music in an electronic live set by Mauro Martinuz inspired by the figure of the tempter Mephistopheles.

Many musicians will participate in the festival with their music, from NAIP with its sharp irony on contemporary society, to the swing of Musica da Ripostiglio, passing through Japanese popular music by Munedaiko, Irish folk revived by Naomi Berrill and the tradition of musical theater brought to the stage

by Lalla Esposito & Ondanueve String Quartet, with music and arrangements by Paolo Coletta. The spearhead of the edition will be the presence of the Oscar-winning Nicola Piovani who will tell, also through an autobiographical account, a life in which he does not remember “a single moment in which there was no music”.

For the training section, this edition will see the involvement of the Teatro e Critica editorial staff for a free training course within the festival. The goal is therefore to create a small newsroom which will follow all the events of the festival with a daily publication distributed at the entrance of the

shows and in the nerve centers of the sociality of the municipalities concerned. The workshop will be open to a maximum of 15 participants: an active and reactive working group, capable of transforming reasoned storytelling and the suggestions emanating from the artistic offer are creative. The call will be open to journalists, web writers, spectators

enthusiasts, instagrammers and illustrators. The project will see the precious collaboration of Multiservice by Lucilla Baglivo, which will become the home and creative place of this working group. This year the collaboration with the bodies that made this ambitious project possible is renewed. The festival is promoted and supported by the Teatro Pubblico Campano, the Ministry of Culture and the Campania Region, as part of the “Campania è” project, promoted by Agis and the Campania Region, with the

patronage of the Province of Salerno.

What to say more? The time has come to get lost among the wonders of Cilento, flooded by the intrinsic beauty of the area, enhanced even more by the great proposals of the artists present, for a three hundred and sixty-degree experience that will be difficult to forget.