Cinema, at the “Girogirocorto” festival, special mention by the public for “Una voce” by Pier Francesco Cari

Special mention by the public at the ‘Girogirocorto’ festival in Rome for ‘Una voce’, an 18-minute short film written and directed by Pier Francesco Cari, starring Francesca Anna Bellucci and distributed by Premiere Film. The work had an excellent response from the public and as soon as the distribution phase began it became a finalist in three festivals: in addition to Girogirocorto, it also made a name for itself at the ‘Salus Cinefestival’ in Caltanissetta and at the ‘Versi di luce’ in Modica.

The short film is inspired by ‘A human voice’, the first episode of the film ‘L’amore’ by Roberto Rossellini, in turn based on the play by Jean Cocteau. The only character on stage is played by Anna Magnani, engaged in a telephone conversation with a former lover alternating moments of happiness with hysterics and tears. ‘A voice’ takes away the human from both the title and the story, the protagonist Claudia talks to the digital assistant, a reflection of current events, also linked to the pandemic period we are experiencing: there is no contact, everything that happens in the film it is virtual, not tangible. The short film focuses on two themes: that of ghosting and compulsive sex. Diego will disappear leaving Claudia to sink into a vortex of despair, which he mitigates using autoerotic practices as an anesthetic, as if they were a drug used to relieve pain.

In the film Claudia has a stable life, she is a career woman. She is in love with Diego but has never seen him in person. They have been chatting for a few months, waiting to get to know each other because they are enchanted by the magic of their virtual relationship. Suddenly Claudia loses everything and sinks into a state of expectation and depression. Cari’s short film explores all the claustrophobic and dramatic nuances of this situation.