Cinema, Barilla celebrates the world day with 5 author stories

Preserved in the group’s historical archive

Italian cinema has always been the mirror of society and its evolutions, it interprets the trends and changing scenarios that involve it, just like Barilla which for over 146 years has been an expression of the Italian art of taste and quality food. On the occasion of World Italian Cinema Day (20 January), the Barilla Historical Archive brings to life 5 author stories (through exclusive photos and videos), created together with the great masters of Italian cinema such as Oscar winners Giuseppe Tornatore, Gabriele Salvatores and Federico Fellini, or by interpreters such as Dario Fo, Giorgio Albertazzi and Pierfrancesco Favino, who over the years have brought the magic of the seventh art into the communication of the Parma company, in advertising campaigns that represent precious examples of the evolution of times and society .

It was 1958 when Barilla chose the path of the testimonial. With light and more intimate steps the brand appears on Italians’ television screens with Carosello. First the persuasive and elite voice of a young Giorgio Albertazzi. Then, already in 1959, the collaboration with the future Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, who in 10 shorts proposes to his friends in the bar various stories based on unlikely ‘bullshit’: from having raced in the Monza Grand Prix to having overtaken it with his plane Sputnik II, bringing the dog Laika back to earth. At the end of the story one of the friends promptly exclaims: “I really won’t drink this” and Fo replies, showing a box of Barilla pasta: ‘And will you eat this?’.

From here the love story between Barilla and cinema will strengthen. With the carousels with Mina from the 1960s, shot by the double Oscar winner Piero Ghilardi, Fellini’s former trusted set designer and costume designer, and in 1985, with the film ‘High Society’ – renamed by everyone ‘Rigatoni’ – directed by the maestro. The ingenious advertisement made fun of the nouvelle cuisine then on the rise: a sophisticated couple at the table of a luxury restaurant refuses dishes with a French name to order ‘rigatoni’, to everyone’s amazement.

On the Barilla Historical Archive website you can find the video of the commercial, but also other gems that allow us, even today, to enter the mind of the great director: the backstage video in which we hear Fellini directing, getting angry and joking with the cast. Instead, Giuseppe Tornatore brings the wonderful 90s to life, making real the symbolic charge of the return to nature by bringing on stage the Mill Family (the teacher mother, the journalist father, the grandfather and the two children), who leave the city to go and live in the greenery, in the ‘real’ Mulino Bianco. all directed with the refinement and style of Tornatore, to the notes orchestrated by Ennio Morricone.

The interpretation of Pierfrancesco Favino, young, smiling, traveling along the Bel Paese to create a bridge with the individual territories and the people who live there, in the work directed by Gabriele Salvatores, dates back to 2015. A bond between Barilla and the world of cinema ready to adopt the languages ​​of the new Millennium. Among the art commercials that showcase the Barilla universe of values, there are also three product films created for the ‘Born under the Italian sky’ campaign directed by Sergio Rubini, Daniele Luchetti and Alessandro Genovesi dedicated to Barilla Pasta 100% Italian Wheat, the great relaunch of an iconic product in Italy and around the world.

A path that reaches up to 2020 when the director of ‘They called them Jeeg Robot’ and ‘Freaks Out’, Gabriele Mainetti, signs the new Mulino Bianco commercial, accompanied by the notes of ‘My Favorite Things’, inviting all viewers not to stop never to seek happiness.