Cinema, first clapperboard for ‘L’enigma Rol’ directed by Anselma Dell’Olio

Filming is underway ‘The Rol enigma’for the directed by Anselma Dell’Olio. Story by Anselma Dell’Olio, screenplay by Anselma Dell’Olio and Alessio De Leonardis. A film produced by La Casa Rossa, RS Productions and Pepito Produzioni. To explain the character of Gustavo Rol terms like paranormal or extrasensory or parapsychological are not enough. Rol was much more. In recounting her life, the docu-fiction dwells on all those aspects that have made her, in some ways, inexplicable and perhaps, precisely for this reason, so fascinating and mysterious. Rol was born in the early 1900s into a Turinese upper middle class family and, guided by the possessive, authoritarian and highly critical figure of his banker father, he embarked on a banking career that he repudiated.

Only after his death did he begin to truly devote himself to his true interests, namely art, antiques and, above all, ‘other’, metaphysical dimensions. The work reconstructs the life of Gustavo Rol through the testimonies of those who knew him, of those who witnessed his experiments – high names of the Turin bourgeoisie and esteemed professionals – and also through the words of those who always questioned him, of those who never believed his extraordinariness. The film does not direct the viewer in a specific direction but provides him with all the tools necessary to have his own point of view and then decide which side to take. Doubt beyond reason. The possibility that something inexplicable and mysterious really exists or that Rol’s were only the skilful illusions of an imaginative and very skilful liar.

“The term paranormal indicates those phenomena contrary to the known laws of physics and demonstrable scientific assumptions; in other words, it refers to inexplicable phenomena that exist – and how – but which science rejects a priori because they cannot be repeated in the laboratory. The riddle Rol wants to be a journey of doubt about, in fact, the possibility of the existence of phenomena beyond the concrete everyday reality”, explains the director Anselma Dell’Olio. The life of a character like Gustavo Rol cannot fail to arouse controversy but equally it can only raise curiosity and put reasonable doubt to the eternal question, namely: is it really possible? And if it is possible, can science analyze the spirit?”

The Red House is an independent film and audiovisual production company born in Rome in 2019 with the ambition of making cinema in a different, better way. The heart of the initiative is eco-sustainability, not as an abstract value, but as a daily practice and commitment.

RS Productions, founded in Milan in 2019 by an entrepreneurial group with long experience in the media and publishing sectors, is a production and distribution company for audiovisual and cinematographic content. The Company is the owner, together with Portobello SpA, of Web Magazine Makers, a publishing house which has the historic Rolling Stone magazine licensed for Italy. Pepito Produzioni is the film and television production company founded in 2010 by Agostino Saccà, it has to its credit a rich library of already made productions: 14 films for the cinema, 20 comedies for TV, 2 television series and 3 documentary series. Among the most recent successes ‘Hammamet’ and ‘Tenderness’ directed by Maestro Gianni Amelio.