Cinema, Geracitano: “Happy for David Donatello special effects, difficult rendering of the dry Tiber”

Award conferred for the film ‘Drought’

Marco Geracitano, Vfx – Visual Effects Supervisor of Frame by Frame, one of the most recognized Italian post-production and visual effects studios, wins the David di Donatello 2023 award in the best Vfx visual effects category for the film ‘Drought’, produced by Wildside , directed by Paolo Virzì.

“We are happy for this victory and proud of this prestigious award – comments Marco Geracitano – The visual effects of the film show a completely arid, almost surreal Rome. Together with all the Frame by Frame staff, we worked for months on various levels of artistic production, from the virtual reproduction of the cockroaches that populate and invade houses and streets, to the impressive set extensions with which we created the completely dried up bed of the Tiber in capable of revealing unusual landscapes and mysterious finds. A big thank you goes to Paolo Virzì and Mario Gianani (Wildside) for their trust and for once again offering us the opportunity to put our skills and our passion at the service of a unique film of its kind which is getting deserved success”.

It took 1400 days of work or 11200 hours between 3D and 2D effects, graphics and production coordinated in the studio by Alice Antognozzi, preceded by 20 days of sets in the vfx pre-visualization phase followed by Federico Gnoli to create the deserted Rome imagined by Virzì.

“The most demanding effect was certainly the reconstruction of the dry Tiber, supervised by Marco Panci and created completely in CG (3D) – says Marco Geracitano – The set was completed with the reconstruction of the statue of the Colossus and the excavating machines that they are seen in the riverbed scenes. The cockroaches made in character animation and super animated graphics inserted into the screens of tablet and smartphone devices were used throughout the film.

For Frame By Frame, Siccità is the third David di Donatello won. In 2016, in fact, the Roman company founded in 1990 by Davide Luchetti and Lorenzo Foschi won in the best visual effects category for ‘The invisible boy – Second generation’ by Gabriele Salvatores and for the co-production on the documentary ‘S is for Stanley’ by Alex Unravel. With more than 100 collaborators including artists and technicians and hundreds of active titles including cinema films, TV series and documentaries as well as commercials and institutional videos, Frame by Frame is today one of the post-production and effects studios most recognized and acclaimed visual artists in Italy.

From 2019 in Frame by Frame, Marco Geracitano in addition to ‘Drought’ supervised the visual effects vfx of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ (second and third season), ‘Bang Bang Baby’, ‘Our Flag Means Death’, the second episode of ‘House of Dragons’, ‘Challengers’, ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’.