Cinema, Pope Francis receives the Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation

The Pontiff: “Your work is an evangelical work”

There Entertainment Foundation was received this morning in private audience with Pope Francis. An historic appointment for the Foundation, which crowns a year of celebrations for the 75th anniversary of its establishment but also wanting to look to the future.

“If we want to qualify the great works of cinema – the Holy Father said off the cuff, after having delivered the speech prepared for the occasion into the hands of Mons. Davide Milani – we can say that only the works that have managed to express harmony, both in joy and in pain, human harmony, are the ones that go down in history. For this I thank you for your work. It is evangelical work. Also a poetic work, because cinema is poetry: giving life is poetic. And I thank you so much for your journey: go forward, go forward, behind the greats. You, as Italians, have a glorious story about this, a glorious story. Keep going. Thank you”.

As Archbishop Davide Milani, President of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, recalled during the audience, “the cinema we want to deal with in our historic ‘Rivista del Cinematografo’, in digital publishing initiatives, in books, in debates, in festivals , is what man narrates in his truth, in his questions and hopes, in his wounds and in his ability to do good, in his openness to the meaning of existence that transcends the materiality of existence.(…) Seeing and spreading the echoes and reflections of the Word and Face of Christ, of which contemporary cinematography is increasingly rich, is our mission”.

To achieve this, continued Msgr. Milani, we need to “speak a new language”. A reminder of the transformations that the Ente dello Spettacolo has been launching in the organisational, work and writing processes for a couple of years now, which will flow together into the new digital publishing hub recently launched and which will lead it to become in the immediate future a real media company of the story of the cinema.

The audience, together with the Foundation team, was attended by representatives of the Church and the Holy See, institutions from the world of cinema, journalists, directors – including Giuseppe Tornatore and Liliana Cavani who received the Bresson Prize, respectively in 2000 and in 2018, the only film award in the world conferred by the Holy See (in particular by the Dicastery for Communication and the Dicastery for Culture and Education) together with the Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation – which shared an important trait with the institution of its progress over the years.