Cinema, Raoul Bova: “Prince of the Christmas story who fights the dragons of reality”

The actor together with Serena Autieri in the film ‘The Christmas Show’, a fairy tale “to find the courage to dream”

“My character is a bit like a prince charming who goes to fight dragons, which in the film are represented by reality shows, and then finally manages to discover his true identity, who he really is, to bring it out and to have the courage to really show himself as he is, as he will later discover in the film”. Raul Bova describes, in an interview with Adnkronos, his role in the Christmas fairy tale ‘The Christmas Show’, directed by Alberto Ferrari out tomorrow, December 17th.

Sofia (Serena Autieri) is a doctor and a mother, left alone to raise two children after the tragic death of her husband in a plane crash. For five years, Christmas hasn’t been celebrated at her house and the holiday season is the most difficult for her and for young Alice and Ricky. Observing from her window that house without decorations and without lights is the reserved neighbor Pierre (Raoul Bova), a solitary and mysterious writer. This year, however, he expects a special and different Christmas for the Rovati family. Their unexpected participation in the highly popular reality Christmas Show, which selected them thanks to the initiative of the teenager Alice, will lead them to experience overwhelming situations. The arrival of the charming Pierre will make Sofia’s heart beat again. Confrontations, clashes, confessionals and revelations will lead the story into a crescendo ending.

A courageous and revolutionary film in its own way, which speaks of dreams in a moment of prevailing historical unease. “I thought about the film, about the operation, and I fell in love with the story -explains Bova- I liked this courage to dream, to escape to see things with a little positivity of love, of imagination. Those beautiful things that we have wanted to see for a very long time”. The character of Pierre” who remains locked up in the house due to an artistic crisis and a disappointment and then manages to leave thanks to a feeling of attraction towards the princess of him is emblematic “.

“Writing a fairy tale in this revolutionary moment – director Alberto Ferrari confirmed to Adnkronos – we have written when we were inside the lockdown, so he already had a taste of hope inside him. Trying to imagine a world that didn’t stop at the pains she was offering us. I went fishing in the Christmas spirit that is at the bottom of us, to try to change our perspectives in life”. Good feelings are not very fashionable, in fact. “It is revolutionary to think of a fairy tale where we shouldn’t be ashamed that even our feelings, even the most banal ones, of which we are ashamed because they are not intellectual enough – the director sinks – instead represent very primordial drives, and it is nice to represent them in such a way that they have a good end and make us change. The spirit of Christmas enters within us and perhaps makes us a little better, with different perspectives”.

The film has a little Italian directorial trait, the style is a bit that of an American Christmas tale, the scenes are very accurate. “That’s right, we worked with magical realism -says Ferrari- I was inspired by stories that could be as good in Helsinki as they are in Los Angeles or Calcutta. They are small closed stories like those ships in a bottle, but those ships in a bottle manage to sail the ocean, if we have the strength. And we tried.” In the movie central role is that of reality TV, who enters with outstretched leg into the intimacy of the family.

On reality shows, Raoul Bova says: “They were a very important opening, because they gave everyone the opportunity to be able to show themselves, to have an image. Demonstrating one’s talent is therefore positive. What we need to be careful of is the fact that it doesn’t become like all those positive things which then turn into negative. They should be regulated, there should be slightly more restrictive laws. But I’m in favor, it’s a very democratic tool”. In the cast, among others, also the brilliant ones Francesco Pannofino and Tullio Solenghirespectively in the role of the suitor director of Sofia and the father of her missing husband, and Ornella Muti in the role of the protagonist’s mother.