Cinema, ‘The Second Chance’ arrives in theaters with Max Giusti and Gabriella Pession

The comedy was presented yesterday at ‘Alice nella Città’, with many VIPs present at the event

In the framework of ‘Alice in the City’, the special event ‘The Second Chance’ was presented last night, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, a tender and funny comedy by Umberto Carteni starring Max Giusti and Gabriella Pession with the participation of Maurizio Mattioli. For the occasion, many actors from the film arrived at the Adriano cinema: together with Giusti and Pession, also Vittoria Gallione and Fabio Bizzarro who play their two teenage sons in the film and a large representation of the younger ones who played the two on the set children of various ages. Other actors from the cast also arrived at the cinema in Piazza Cavour: Giovanni Bussi, Andrea Galasso, Laura Borgioli.

Among the VIPs who flocked to the Roman premiere: Dario Marcolin with Barbara Puccetti, the Trio Medusa alias Gabriele Corsi, Furio Corsetti, Giorgio Daviddi. And again the TV host Massimiliano Ossini, the sports journalist Marco Mazzocchi, the directors Tiziano Russo and Alessandro Pondi. Present for Rai Cinema were the President Nicola Claudio and the General Director Giuseppe Sturiale. Produced by Marco Poccioni and Marco Valsania for Rodeo Drive with Rai cinema, ‘The second chance’ was released in theaters today, distributed by Altri Storie with Rodeo Drive.

In ‘The Second Chance’ Max (Max Giusti) and Anna Mancini (Gabriella Pession) have been married for twenty-five years and have two teenage children. The two boys, although they are twins, are temperamentally polar opposites: Tina (Vittoria Gallione) is rebellious and not very studious; Nico (Fabio Bizzarro) is calm, solitary and obsessed with video games. There is a constant war going on between parents and children, which reaches its peak on the day of the twins’ eighteenth birthday, when the party at home, which they had been granted, degenerates.

Max and Anna realize that they know nothing about those two teenagers, they wonder where they went wrong and think back with nostalgia to the times when Tina and Nico were adorable little ones to be protected. But do they really remember how she did? At the end of that disastrous evening, a second chance presents itself for Anna and Max, to see clearly in the relationship with their children and try, where possible, not to repeat the same mistakes.