Cingolani: ‘Cop26 was complicated, more ambition but this has a price’

“Cop26? It was complicated, the level of expectation was high” but “the real great result was to convince everyone, including Indians and Chinese, and with them Russians, Turks and the United Arab Emirates, to accept a great bet: that compared to the COP in Paris we are committed to keeping global warming around one and a half degrees by the second half of the century instead of below two degrees. We have achieved an important result, which is to increase our ambition compared to Paris “. Thus the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani on the occasion of the event “Healing the Planet. Sustainability and circular economy ”organized for the 20th anniversary of the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation.

However, adds Cingolani, “this has a price. For large countries, changing course and accelerating energy production and manufacturing takes more time and they asked us to reach more than 2 in the second half of the century, following a different decarbonization path from ours. that it will probably emit more CO2 at first but then it will have to accelerate decarbonization more than we do. It is not important how we get there but that we all get there. I understand that it makes you turn up your nose but it was important. ”

“The bet has just been made, the marathon is long, we are just starting. But if, like everyone in Glasgow, I have some doubts, I also have a fund of optimism that allows me to continue working with great conviction”, he underlines Cingolani.