Cipriani (Ethical Fashion): “Sustainability is the creation of value for the future”

Sustainability is the creation of value for the future, it is going out of oneself and seeing that one is part of a larger life”. As Simone Cipriani, Head and Founder of Ethical Fashionin his speech on the occasion of the European Innovation for Sustainability Summit, at Palazzo Taverna in Rome, a two-day event (21-22 April), to present innovative solutions and forms of cooperation for sustainability, organized by the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (Eiis). In its general and global dimension, he explains, the fashion industry “has environmental impacts, contributes, with its emissions, to climate change, to the loss of biodiversity, to the use of water resources, to pollution from chemical products and on the at the social level, there are practices that are in contrast with international labor law”. But “if we go down to the European and Italian level, the European legislator is doing a great job on sustainability starting with the Green Deal; Furthermore on the Italian level of high fashion there is an industry that is getting busy and is extremely innovative on these issues,” he adds.