Circularity Sustainability Assessment validated by Rina

The Circularity digital tool allows companies to know their degree of sustainability and to receive an improvement plan

Circularity – innovative startup and benefit company, an Italian platform that puts all the players in the life cycle of materials and production waste online – launches the updated version of its Sustainability Assessments, digital tool that allows companies to know their own Degree of Sustainability, to improve their performance and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The renewed version of the Circularity Sustainability Assessment has obtained validation of the methodology used from Rina – a certification multinational active in more than 70 countries. The Assessment is an evaluation tool that captures the level of sustainability of companies and makes it possible to verify, according to the provisions of the methodology, whether and to what extent they are achieving the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Circularity, a partner of Intesa Sanpaolo, developed the first version of the Assessment in 2021 and offered this tool to some of the companies participating in the “Imprese Vincenti” program selected last year and to other Intesa Sanpaolo customers, allowing them to evaluate its Degree of Sustainability, the first step in defining an effective strategy to improve its social and environmental impact. The tool is available in three versions: Light, Reviewed and Full.

The company that wants to know its degree of sustainability begins by identifying the issues connected to the Sustainable Development Goals that are most relevant to its company and, subsequently, accesses the compilation of an online questionnaire for the evaluation of the areas identified as priorities. Following the evaluation, the company also receives a personalized improvement plan. The Reviewed version also offers the possibility of uploading the documents necessary for the Circularity team to validate all the responses to the evaluation questionnaire. Finally, in the Full version, in addition to the functions present in the first two, companies can also obtain a personalized report with the results of the Assessment based on their own company situation. The Sustainability Assessment Report also presents a brief analysis showing the actions taken by similar companies or companies belonging to the same sector in the field of sustainability, to provide suggestions on market best practices and learn about what has been achieved by competitors. The methodology for calculating the Circularity Sustainability Assessment was reworked and adapted starting from that used at the European level by Eurostat to monitor the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by each country.

“We are very proud of having further improved our Sustainability Assessment and of this important validation by RINA. The added value of the tool is that of being able to provide companies with a result validated by the Circularity and RINA teams, which is therefore not only a self-assessment – ​​he commented Camilla Colucci, co-founder and CEO of Circularity – Furthermore, the updated tool is designed to be extended to the companies’ supply chain as well, thus measuring the sustainability of the supply chain in order to improve not only the sustainability performance of the leading company, but also those of its suppliers”.

Luigi Bottos, Head of ESG Certification Strategic Center of RINAdeclared: “The validation of the Circularity Sustainability Assessment methodology consists in examining whether the purposes and criteria indicated in the methodology itself are those that will actually be verified by the companies that decide to carry out the assessment: it is a guarantee both for the market and for the stakeholders involved”.

Circularity has also made its tool available to companies involved in Life Salvaguardia: a project conceived by the Cauto social cooperative which in December 2021 obtained funding from the prestigious European LIFE program.