Ciriani on Sky TG24: “Corte dei Conti? We need less heavy controls”

“We need less heavy, less oppressive controls because administrators are often afraid to sign,” said the Minister for Relations with Parliament

On the Court of Auditors “it is not a question of a clean slate, on the contrary”. The point is that “we need less heavy, less oppressive controls because administrators are often afraid to sign” the documents “because then the Court of Auditors arrives, the prosecutor’s office. This is a problem that exists”. This was stated by the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, a Sky TG24, speaking of the Pnrr. And on bad weather: “By today the decree will be closed and then sent to the Chambers to be examined, I hope with everyone’s help, very quickly in the temple”. And on the commissioner: “I have the utmost esteem for Figliuolo, but for now I can’t start the totonomi, it would be incorrect. The decision will be taken by the Council of Ministers. With all due respect, at the moment it is not so fundamental to understand who will be the commissioner, but how to spend the money and quickly. We will discuss who will be commissioner later, without politicizing this problem, it is the last necessity for Emilia Romagna and the country”. (BAD WEATHER IN EMILIA ROMAGNA – SERGIO MATTARELLA’S VISIT)

The statements

And on yesterday’s government meeting, Ciriani added: “Many things were discussed. Among these, the 2023-2024 Budget. The Meloni government wants to restart the country. We come from the pandemic, from the war in Ukraine, which jeopardized the public finances. Having said that, the growth prospects are good, thanks also to the government’s contribution. We have found a lot of willingness from the trade union categories. We hope that the discussion will continue. There must be the responsibility not to answer no We want to reiterate that the government’s attitude towards those who produce wealth is not vexatious. The relationship between government and business wants to change and the tax reform goes in this direction. We punish those who do not pay taxes but we recognize the figure of the entrepreneur as person who produces wealth and offers work.