Citadel, espionage and action. The Russo brothers series. The interview with Sky TG24

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A revolutionary series, behind which it is no coincidence that the brothers are the executive producers Russo: Joe and Anthony. From April 28 arrives on Prime Video, also visible via Sky Q and Sky Glass, the spy series Citadel.

An independent spy agency set up to protect citizens has been destroyed by Manticore agents.

Survivors, the characters played by Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, are the agents whose memory was wiped: at least until they have to get back into the game. Also in the cast is an extraordinary one Stanley Tucci.

All series of the universe Citadelthree in all, will be interconnected and created, produced and filmed in the area.

Beyond United States, there are also India and Italy, where in Rome the national preview was held in the presence of the entire cast.

Here’s what the protagonists told us.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

“It was all quite complex starting from the fact that we shot the series in almost a year and a half and of course we had to train all that time.

We took lessons for the action and stunt scenes and sometimes we even hurt ourselves a bit! In addition, filming took place in full Covid, between 2020 and 2021, I was away from my family for a long time, the history of the series is very complex… in short, it was a great challenge!”.

And about your character, Nadia, what do you really like?

“The fact that she’s a female in an environment where there are only male spies and she’s able to kick them all in the…! It’s generally a male-dominated environment whereas here it’s Nadia!”


“(The actors) have done an incredible job seeing that Richard and Priyanka played different versions of their characters, as was the basis of the idea of ​​this series, because the agency they work for can erase their memory. Plus there’s a lot of action and it’s very physical work, plus we’ve been shooting for over a year and it’s been exhausting for them, I’m genuinely proud of the work they’ve done.”


“The thing that makes me most proud of this innovative project is the interconnection of creative and production teams.

The idea behind the series is that there are three versions, one in English, one in Italian and one in Indian. All three versions exist together and were created (the other two we are still shooting) thanks to incredible teamwork. The fact that a product is made with the help of several people around the world is quite normal by now, but in this case the three versions are precisely the result of exceptional and precisely interconnected works, even in the plot. I honestly believe that no one has ever done something like this.”


“It’s basically like I played two characters who are two sides of the same coin. One is the best spy agent in the world (I think) and the other is a quiet guy, with a wife and children but he doesn’t know he’s the best spy agent in the world! As you can imagine it was a lot of fun playing them.”

And which of the two do you prefer?

“It’s hard to choose… I’d still say the good guy because he’s less obnoxious, while the other is quite petty and certainly unfortunate!”


“I think the real strength of Citadel and the fact that it revolutionizes the espionage genre in an entirely new way.

We have two secret agents, a man and a woman, and my character I would say guides them, in short, tries to manage them in their mission. There is a lot of action, even physical fights, and there are many special effects.

The plot is incredibly clever, challenging and I would say downright complicated! Emotionally then it is very dramatic, in short, intense.

I can only say that I loved being part of the project.”