Citizenship income, 662 other crafty ones found in Naples

In a year and a half nearly 15 million euros ended up in the wrong pockets

I’m 662 the crafty citizens of citizenship income unearthed by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Naples in the period from April to October of this year. Everyone received money from the state without being entitled to it. For 287 of them fraud is also assumed. This is the balance sheet of the third chapter of the survey on citizenship income carried out by the Neapolitan carabinieri who, with the precious collaboration of the labor inspectorate and INPS, have continued to deepen the controls on the benefit unduly pocketed by those who set the threshold he never crossed poverty.

As emerged from the checks of the carabinieri of the provincial command of Naples, in a year and a half nearly 15 million euros ended up in the wrong pockets. Exactly 14,648,248.6 euros which translated on a daily basis (with reference to a period of approximately one year and 6 months, from June 2021 to 6 October 2022 for a total of 553 days) means 26,488.69 euros “given away” every 24 hours to those who did not have the right, 1,103.69 euros per hour.

With the third round of checks, the amount recorded is 2,962,551.06 euros. In Naples, the carabinieri detected the peak of irregularities between municipalities 3, 4 and 6, i.e. in the Stella, San Carlo Arena, San Lorenzo, Vicaria, Poggioreale, Zona Industriale, Barra, San Giovanni a Teduccio and Ponticelli districts. The accounts speak of 731,973.68 euros pocketed without a title: 24.71% of the provincial figure summarized in 9 districts. And over half (66.7%) of the Neapolitan numbers that speak of a total of 1,097,391.52 euros stolen from the state coffers.