Citizenship income, amendment for foreigners: Lega vs M5S

The amendment plans to reduce the residency requirement from 10 to 8 years for 2022

Check an amendment of the 5 Star Movement to the maneuver which envisages reducing the time required for obtaining the Citizenship Income for foreigners. The amendment of the M5S, in fact, taking its cue from the observations presented by the Scientific Committee for the assessment of the income of citizenship and “to mitigate the proposal” envisages reducing the residence requirement from 10 to 8 years for 2022 and from 8 to 5 years for 2023. And immediately the controversy with the League starts.

“Bills are increasing, millions of Italians risk being left in the cold and out of work, but the M5S is concentrating on halving the time to make foreigners have the citizenship income”, comment the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate of the League Riccardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo. “This year alone – they note – over 9 billion was spent on a measure that too often gave money to fake poor and crafty ones. The League, on the other hand, works to concretely help families and businesses, recovering resources through a reform of citizenship income. which must remain a subsidy intended for those who really need it and not an incentive not to work. A matter of priority “.